How to Get Started?

If you are ready to become a legal medical cannabis patient in CA, you must first consult a certified medical professional. Fortunately, you can do all that through our 100% online process. So, sit at home and get started using three simple steps.


1. Fill the Form

Register on the website, choose a plan and fill the pre-qualification form that follows.


2. Consult a Doctor

Receive the doctor’s call and complete your online consultation. Be sure to be transparent with your doctor.


3. Receive Your Recommendation

If approved, you will receive a PDF of your recommendation by email on the same day.

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Begin Your Journey to Better Health Today

Get Consultations From Certified Professionals From Your Home

The California weed laws require every patient to get a recommendation from a licensed physician to be able to use marijuana in the state. But, it can be difficult to book an appointment and remember to be on time for a consultation.

Now, you can forget the hassle. We connect you with the state’s top medical professionals who will guide you and write a recommendation as per the laws. So, apply for a consultation and become a qualified patient today.

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How To Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in California?

You can get your MMJ card in California in two different ways. Here’s an overview of both so that you can choose between the two depending on your convenience.

The Traditional Way

In California, even your primary physician can write you a recommendation. But that does not come to fruition in most cases as it is still not something that a large number of family doctors are comfortable recommending to their patients. This is especially prevalent in more rural areas of the state where marijuana still has negative connotations attached to its usage and distribution. So, medical marijuana often ends up with a reputation of being difficult to access and extremely inconvenient.

Additionally, locating a physical clinic and then making your way to the said clinic can often get very taxing both emotionally and physically. This is why most times it is advised that you get your medical marijuana card through the second method.

The Online Way

California has over time built quite a capable infrastructure that is designed in a way that helps anyone who needs cannabis access it. Telemedicine is prominent across the state and platforms like Online Medical Card are in place to help make the process of getting a medical marijuana card easy.


Become a Legal Patient in California Through Online Consultations

Medical marijuana is increasingly becoming a preferred form of medication among millions suffering from anxiety, seizures, cancer and other debilitating medical conditions. It’s medical potential isn’t overshadowed rather uplifted by the state government with the establishment of a medical marijuana program that overlooks the different operations within the medical marijuana industry.

If you wish to become a legally qualified patient in the state, you must do so as per the provisions of the program. We can help you make a start by connecting you with certified physicians for a recommendation.

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How Does the California Weed Laws Benefit You?

Weed Laws in California are more than just a way to regulate marijuana use in the state. They also provide several benefits to all legal marijuana patients with a legit recommendation. Here are a few.

Growing Limit

Flexible Possession Limits

You can possess as much as 8 ounces of marijuana and up to 2000 mg THC per packet unlike the 1 ounce and 1000 mg limit of recreational consumers.


Cannabis Cultivation

You have the legal right to grow cannabis at home with a limit of up to 99 plants that the doctor will decide as per your needs.

Age Restriction

You can directly apply for a recommendation if you’re 18 years or older but will need a legal caregiver if you’re a minor.

Better Access

Easier Travel

You can travel with a small amount of medical marijuana despite its federally illegal status if you have a legit doctor’s recommendation.


Legal Security

A medical card gives you the legal right and security to buy, use, grow, possess and travel with medical marijuana without the fear of legalities.

Cost Effective

Money Savings

The California weed laws allow a legal patient to be exempted from paying the sales and use tax when buying marijuana from a legal dispensary.

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Apply for an online consultation with professionals in a few minutes and receive your recommendation by email within 24 hours.

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Please Note: Refund will not be initiated if the request is placed after the consultation and doctor's approval.

You can verify our doctor’s license at the Medical Board of California’s website here:

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We take pride in our safe and 100% online process. Our operations are completely transparent to let you have complete faith in our services and online recommendations. We ensure that with us, you get nothing but the best.

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Qualifying Conditions For an MMJ Card as Per California Weed Laws

California has one of the most exhaustive lists of qualifying conditions. California Weed laws are pretty accommodating about qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card. They are extremely diverse making it is pretty easy to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

The most common qualifying conditions include:

  • Anorexia
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Side-effects of chemotherapy
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Radiation Therapy Side effects
  • Cachexia (Wasting Syndrome)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Migraine
  • Severe Nausea
  • Spasticity
  • Persistent Muscle Spasms including the one’s associated with multiple sclerosis
  • Seizures including but not limited to the one’s associated with epilepsy

The liberal part of the state’s qualifying conditions is due to the arbitrary nature of this list. These conditions will get you a medical marijuana card but you can also get an MMJ card if

  • If your condition is not alleviated then you may suffer from severe discomfort and harm the patient’s mental and physical health.
  • It limits a person’s ability to conduct significant life functions as mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

If you still have any questions regarding the qualifying conditions of the state of California, you can have a look at California Proposition 215, along with the revised Senate Bill 420. Just go through weed laws in California for a better idea about the qualifying conditions. The medical marijuana card is actually at the discretion of the physician. If they feel weed will help you out, you will qualify for a medical marijuana card.

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Important Weed Laws in CA for Medical Patients

The legislation is pretty clear in California regarding all things weed. Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) have very clearly stated everything that you need to take care of while using weed in the state.

CBD derived from hemp is legal throughout the United States and is available as an over the counter supplement in California as well.

Since recreational cannabis is legal, you can purchase cannabis legally as long as you are over the age of 21.

Other standard rules you need to take care of include:

  • You should be 21 or older to use or possess recreational cannabis. But, if you are a medical marijuana cardholder then the age limit is 18.
  • You are permitted to carry around 28.5g of plant material and 8g of concentrated cannabis if you are a recreational user.
  • You cannot buy from or sell cannabis to minors.
  • Driving under the influence of cannabis is illegal
  • Consumption of cannabis in a public place is illegal.
  • You cannot open a bag containing cannabis in public places.
  • As cannabis is still banned on a federal level it is illegal to cross state lines with it.
  • Only state-licensed dispensaries can sell cannabis products
Doctors of Cannabis

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about California weed laws or our services? We will help you get some clarity. Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. You can also contact us directly to get the answers to your problems.

California weed laws have a lot of provisions to help people acquire their medication. You can choose to grow your own medicinal herb as that will allow you to have complete control of the process by which your medicine is being produced. You decide the strain you want to grow and how, when, and where.

The other option is to buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary. In California, medical dispensaries are found all across the state. Medical cannabis has been legal since 1996 so that is bound to happen. You name the city, chances are there is a dispensary located there.

A caregiver as per the rules of California is a person who is responsible for the housing, health, or safety of a patient who is an MMJ cardholder.

California weed laws state rules for caregivers as well. Caregivers are allowed to possess/or cultivate a certain amount of marijuana depending on the needs of the patient. They can get a Medical Marijuana ID Card but just as patients don’t need to apply for a card, there is no need for a caregiver to do it either.

The eligibility criteria for a caregiver under the California marijuana law is as follows:

  • You need to be 18 years or older.
  • You can be a caregiver if the patient is an emancipated minor or if you are the parent of the minor who is a patient.
  • The person under your care is allowed to use medical marijuana.
  • You have been consistently responsible for their wellbeing.
  • The care you provide is beyond just administering medical marijuana to the patient.
  • You began taking care of the patient before they were recommended medical cannabis.

California weed laws allow you to get your MMJ card and weed both at your doorstep. There are plenty of online services that claim to help you get your MMJ card online but we recommend Online Medical Card if you wish to have an easy, breezy experience.

So, how do you apply online to receive your medical marijuana card?

Step 1: Register Online

The first step to getting a medical marijuana card is to log onto the 100% HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform and fill out a basic pre-qualification form that asks you to list out your basic medical history.

Step 2: Have Your 420 Evaluation

The next step is to have a face to face evaluation with a 420 doctor. You can get answers to all your questions regarding your medical marijuana card from our team of qualified medical marijuana doctors.This step takes 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Receive Your Recommendation From Online Medical Card

Once you are through with your 420 evaluation, you will receive your medical marijuana card. You can now make your way to any medical marijuana dispensary in California to receive your required medication.

Step 4: Apply for a Card (OPTIONAL)

A doctor’s recommendation is enough to act as your ID and place you under the protection of the state’s medical-marijuana program. However, if you want to, you can always apply for a county medical marijuana identification.

Well, the simple answer to that would be yes/no. But California weed laws are not that simple. Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Rhode Island all recognize a valid, in-date medical marijuana card that has been issued in California.

Entering into another state’s dispensary is completely at the discretion of the dispensary of the state in question.

Now, to the second part of whether or not California recognizes medical marijuana cards from other states as valid, the answer would be a definite no. You cannot get an out of state card and make a medical purchase in California. But since adult-use cannabis is legal, if you are over the age of 21, you can easily just walk into a dispensary and buy cannabis.

Additionally, California allows out-of-state patients to apply for a medical card in the state to buy and use marijuana. So while there is no set law for reciprocity in CA, the rules still allow easy purchases and usage of marijuana to non-residents.

There is no need for you to carry an ID to prove that you are a medical marijuana patient, but if you really want to, you can always apply for one. A doctor’s recommendation is usually more than enough to get you to the benefits associated with a medical marijuana card.

But if you are applying to the county program for a medical marijuana card you need to take care of certain things.

To apply for a medical marijuana card, the first thing you need to show is a signed certificate that acts as proof of the condition you are suffering from. To apply for an MMJ card you will have to make your way to your county’s office in-person and then submit the application.
Other documents that you will require include :

  • ID
  • Proof Of Residency in the State of California
  • A signed doctor’s recommendation ( what you receive from Online Medical Card)

Accepted Forms Of ID

  • Unexpired, Valid Driver’s License
  • Any state procured identification card
  • Passport

Accepted Proof Of Residency

  • DMV motor vehicle registration from California
  • Utility bill
  • Rent or mortgage agreement

A Signed Doctor’s Recommendation

This is the PDF recommendation that you receive on the successful completion of your 420 evaluation. This document is also the only thing that you really require to be able to access all the benefits associated with a medical marijuana card.

The county has around 30 days to verify a patient’s and their caregiver’s application. Once this application is verified, the county staffers take around five days to give you your card. All in all, it can take around 35 days to receive your card from the county once you apply.


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