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A Medical Marijuana Identification Card will only be approved by your State Medical Marijuana Program if your Doctor’s license can be verified. Also, make sure the clinic has a physical address (The clinic shouldn’t necessarily be in the same state). PO boxes do not qualify as an acceptable address proof. Protect yourself by always verifying your doctor’s address.

The rise of telemedicine has also increased the number of doctors who start online consultations without a medical clinic. Avoid this by choosing a real medical clinic with an established history. Also, look for the following factors:

  • Licensed Physicians With Proper Experience In Marijuana
  • Secure And Affordable Medical Services
  • A Clinic With A Physical Location
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Competitor Comparison

    Online Medical Card

  • Instant Rush Delivery
  • Serving the Community for 18 years(Over 250,000 Patients Seen)
  • Working from a Real Medical Clinic
  • Featured on Weedmaps, Hightimes, Leafly
  • Doctors & Medical Staff with Real Photos
  • Over 40,000 Active Patients
  • 1000s of Verified Reviews (TrustSpot, Yelp)
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Educational Video Guides & Infographics

    The Others: Red Flags

  • Anything Less Than Immediate Delivery
  • No Established History
  • Only Lists a P.O. Box Address
  • Little to No Public Recognition
  • Fake Images & Stock Photos Only
  • Minimal Industry Experience
  • No Verified Reviews (Only Self-Published)
  • No BBB Rating or Listing
  • No Original Videos or Content

Look for these signs above when choosing a clinic you can trust.


Medical cannabis has been utilized as a therapeutic aid since 1996 (first legalization of medical marijuana in California), and our mission is to expand access to its potential medical benefits in a safe and legal manner in all other states in the country. We strongly believe that cannabis can provide solutions for various health issues such as chronic pain, inflammation, PTSD, and neurological disorders. Our goal is to offer convenient medical solutions to patients in need.

Our Mission

Medical cannabis should be easily accessible to everyone. Aligning with this idea we thrive to provide our patients with expertise right at home. Our 420 valuations are conducted by licensed doctors who aim to give the best treatment to all of their patients. Resting our trust with telemedicine, we are working towards our vision to be the best at what we do- providing easy access to medical cannabis.

Our Vision

Save 25% and more with Cannabis GET SMART! CHOOSE BETTER! List of benefits you get with a medical card:

Savings Guaranteed!

A medical card exempts you from paying sales and use tax and helps save up to 28% more than recreational cannabis and up to 35% (This may differ according to your state).

Increased Access

No potency limits and access to more dispensaries than recreational ones. A medical card opens access to more varieties of strains, cannabis products, locations and price options.

Higher grow and possession limits

With a medical card, you are legally allowed to grow more (Varies according to your state law). In certain states, you have 8 times more possession limits compared to recreational cannabis.

Legal protection

Get a medical card and have legal rights to access, grow and carry medical cannabis without fear of possible arrest. Also, get legal protection for driving and flying with medical cannabis.

State Certified Professionals

We work with licensed marijuana doctors and are qualified as per the requirements of the State Medical Marijuana programs. Rest assured that you will be connected with certified medical marijuana doctors only.

Age Limits

In most states, any citizen of the age of 21 and above can legally use cannabis. However, the age limit is mostly 18 years for medical cannabis.

Your signed hard copy with an embossed seal will also be delivered to you via mail within 3 business days provided If you opt for it.


Note: mentions of a “medical card” and “marijuana card” both refer to a doctor’s recommendation.
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Providing Care To 80,255 Active Patients

We believe in the therapeutic properties of medical cannabis and are working towards the possibility of easy access to the medication. Our doctors have been with us since 2001 and have delivered medical care to more than 500,000 satisfied patients.

Our team members share the vision of delivering easy and quick solutions to all your medical problems. Get in touch whenever you feel the need. We are always happy to help.

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