The Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

Olivia was suffering from chronic insomnia. After using every treatment option, she finally switched to medical cannabis as a sleep-aid.
But, it happened many times that she couldn’t get her medication when she needed it.

Mostly due to time inconvenience. And sometimes due to long lines at the dispensaries.

While searching for alternative options, she found an interesting article about the benefits of growing and harvesting your own marijuana. And this is what she learned…

1. Because it’s totally Legal

California state agency, MACRSA, is providing all the privileges to grow your own cannabis.

According to this, a medical patient with an mmj card is allowed to grow any number of plants in around 100 sq ft. area.

2. You can grow strains as per your requirement

Cannabis cultivators often use various modes to protect their cannabis strains or to increase its yield such as pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides.

Patients can be allergic to some of these compounds or sometimes they can be harmful to a patient with a weak immune system.

Therefore, it is beneficial to grow your own cannabis so you can control what goes inside your plant and what to avoid.

3. You can save a lot of money

To grow cannabis, one does not require a large investment. You can choose what budget suits you the best.

Also, once you start growing on a regular basis, you will get your initial investment in the form of savings.

With the significant increase in cannabis taxes, growing your own cannabis a great way to save in many ways.

4. You can be well stocked for a long time

It has been seen that when a single cannabis plant is grown in a reasonable amount of space at home, it can yield from a half ounce to more than a few ounces.

Hence, just by growing 3-6 plants you can always have a new batch of bud ready to restore your supply.

5. You can experiment with your cannabis strains

Why consume only one kind of cannabis strain, when you can experiment with multiple kinds for your medical condition.

For example, for insomnia, you can either grow Tahoe OG, a indica hybrid which relaxes the body immediately, or you can go for an all time favorite, Grandaddy Purple, with high levels of the sleep terpene, Myrcene. Both are proven to be equally beneficial for insomniacs. When you get good, you can even make your own strains!

6. It can be quite a refreshing hobby

Growing gradually can become an addictive hobby which can get you hooked for long hours. Contrary, to this you know exactly where your cannabis is coming from. You are also aware that your product is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals which is usually a cause for worry otherwise. The biggest reason may be because it’s fun!

Although this all sounded nice, Olivia still had questions on her mind

The biggest being, how to go about the entire procedure

Don’t worry!! We can not only help you obtain a medical cannabis card or a grower’s license but also guide you through for a seamless process.

Online Medical Card Team


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