Upgrade your vaping experience with a portable dry herb vaporizer-aIRVAPE x

A portable dry herb vaporizer like the aIRVAPE x will improve your vaping experience

AirVape X is the improved and better version of an already available AirVape XS vaporizer. This vaporizer has a sleek design with a magnetic mouthpiece along with an advanced structure.

This new model has the same metal body as its predecessor but, with a 25% larger ceramic chamber. Also, its precision temperature (200° F – 428° F) feature provides an expert control over your clouds.

Once the required temperature is attained, this vaporizer will notify via vibrations. Plus, you can also customize your time to shut off the device when that respective time is up. All you need is to first set the temperature to its maximum which will ensure sterilization of the entire unit.


1. High-Grade Materials with Larger Ceramic Herb Chamber

AirVape X vaporizer has a robust body without making it heavy at all. Hence, ensuring the device thoroughly vaporizes herb without causing combustion or any other wear-tear issues.

2. Easy to Use

This vaporizer has an advantage of effortless operation which eventually makes every stage of your sessions very easy. Just load the chamber with your favorite herb (finely grounded) tightly and until it reaches the brim.

3. Pocket-friendly Design

AirVape X is just 0.48” thin with a 3.2-ounce build is one of the slimmest and light-weight portable herb vaporizers which can be easily carried around.

4. Precision Temperature Control along with Hybrid Heating

AirVape X features advanced precision temperature control. You can choose any temperature for your preferred flavor, density, as well as cloud size. This vaporizer will heat up in just 20 seconds using a fantastic feature of hybrid heating technology.

5. Powerful Portable Vaporizer

Air Vape X comes with a strong 1300mAh battery with the benefit of quick charging coupled with a dynamic heating system. You can recharge this device using a USB from almost anywhere. It helps in delivering long-lasting vaping sessions which depends on the temperature that you vape.

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