Top 6 Marijuana Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones This Merry (Marijuana) Christmas

Light up this Christmas with cannabis gifts and goodies, perfect for the marijuana aficionado in your life. In this video, we count down 6 best marijuana products for yourself and your loved ones.

As 2017 comes to a close, now is the right time to plan the Christmas celebrations every marijuana lover deserves. And in case you’re worrying about buying the perfect holiday gift for you and your friends, we got your back.

Here are six gifts to help your loved ones celebrate a merry, merry(jane) Christmas.

Number 1

Lord Jones 5:1 Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion

With a THC TO CBD ratio of 20 mg to 100 mg, thise lotion is primarily used during pre- or post- workout. Providing effective relief from aching muscles during workout, this holistic body lotion is a perfect gift for the yogi in your life.

Number 2

Black tie grinder

the Black tie grinder is compact, easy to use and filters only the finest particles for a rich smoking experience. What’s more is that it’s 4 piece, three chamber design further enhances makes it a sophisticated and efficient marijuana accessory this Christmas.

Number 3

Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Vapor Bubbler If you know someone who really loves dabbing, this rig comes highly recommended from Snoop Dogg himself This 6 inch hand blown water pipe is truly a spaceship that, elevates your smoking experience to outer space.

Number 4.

Miwak Junior Golden Girls Pipe created by LA based ceramic & stoneware pipe brand, this sophisticated and super classy pipe collection gives a whole new meaning to marijuana aesthetics. Laden with 22 carat gold and porcelain accents, using this product is like smoking on pure gold.

Number 5

Pax 3 Vaporizer – The latest release from Pax labs and the successor to the highly popular Pax 2 vape, this portable product boasts superior heating system, longer battery life and compatibility with both dry cannabis and concentrates.

Number 6

The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green – From biological structure to grow best quality marijuana this book has it all,, the Cannabis Grow bible will help cannabis growers to get bigger buds, higher potency and great quality herb.

Just because recreational marijuana is legal in a state, doesn’t mean you can gift cannabis to someone. Make sure to check up with state laws before you decide to gift cannabis to your loved ones. For instance, in California, only medical marijuana users can gift up to ounce of dry cannabis or 8 grams of concentrate.

And speaking of California, even if the state will welcome recreational cannabis sales from January next year, having a medical marijuana card will still benefit you. To find out how, make sure to watch our other videos and visit our website,

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