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The Cannabis Guide to San Diego

The oldest city in the California state, San Diego is widely known as “America’s Finest City” because of its amazing weather, beautiful sandy beaches, friendly people and a lot of other things!

San Diego is famous for another reason – it’s one of the most progressive cannabis cities in California. While marijuana is still classified as a schedule I substance under the federal law, you can use marijuana legally in San Diego for both medicinal or recreational purposes.

As per the Proposition 64 passed by 56% of votes in favor on November 8, 2016, recreational marijuana has been legal in the whole of California since January 1st, 2018. Under legalization, weed sales in California are estimated to reach $7 billion a year in revenue by 2021, along with $1 billion taxes per year.

In September 2017, the San Diego City Council voted 6 to 3 to go all-in with it. They legalized marijuana cultivation, distribution, and retail sales making San Diego the center of a new “Green Rush” – a billion-dollar worth industry.

According to San Diego’s new cannabis law,

– You can purchase or carry up to 1 ounce (28.5 grams) of weed, or eight grams of concentrate such as hash, tincture, oil etc. if you’re 21 years or older.

– You can grow up to six plants for personal use in a private property. You can’t sell without a license.

– You cannot smoke cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center while people are present. For using cannabis publicly, you may encounter $100 -$250 fine.

– You can drive with cannabis if you keep it in a closed container or in your car’s trunk. The police may otherwise allege you for having an “Open Container”

– You are subject to DUI laws if you are found driving under the influence of cannabis.

– You can’t consume or possess cannabis on federal properties such as national parks or historical places even if it is in San Diego.

– Non-medical cannabis businesses are required to pay a 5% tax on monthly gross receipts which is scheduled to rise to 8% from July 1, 2019, unless the city council declares something else.

– Though it is legal under California state law, employers can prohibit the use of cannabis by their employees or can deny employment to a marijuana user. A medical cannabis card holder could be an exemption to this in certain cases.

If you love cannabis, then San Diego might just be the perfect city for you. Many cannabis enterprises are budding out here and the West Coast Cannabis Tours take you behind the scenes.

With the end of prohibition on Marijuana in San Diego, a glut of dispensaries have appeared all over the city.

But remember, only stores with both state licenses and local permits can sell cannabis to customers. So, you better purchase from CUP licensed marijuana outlets to avoid any subtle legal issue.

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