The Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Cannabis plants have a very interesting anatomy. Yet, most of us are only familiar with the flowers or buds that we smoke and the green colored leaves we see at dispensaries or online sites.

Cannabis plants have two genders: male and female, but only the female plants have flowers.

Female plants produce coveted buds while male plants have low THC and they are usually used for producing seeds.

Like other plants, cannabis plant also has different parts that contribute to its growth.

Let’s discuss them in detail!


A cannabis seed is a tiny embryo where the plant growth is started.

Under optimal environmental conditions—temperature and moisture, the seeds are germinated and started growing.

The first pair of seeds leaves is called cotyledons.


Roots in a cannabis plant have different functions:

Supporting the plant
Absorbing water and nutrients from the soil
Transferring the absorbed minerals in the upward direction
Storing food and nutrients


As a cannabis plant grows, it forms a structure to support its leaves and flowers. The stems are grown along the length of the plants, and they have various functions:

Supplying nutrients and water to different parts of the plant
Keeping leaves towards the sunlight


Both male and female cannabis plants produce flowers.

Female flowers produce seeds after they are fertilized by pollen produced by the male flowers.

Male flowers look like light green bananas while female flowers have teardrop bases, which produce pistils to fertilize the flowers.

By learning the anatomy of a cannabis plant, you can have a better understanding of growing cannabis and getting some homemade harvest for yourself

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