How to make Shatter?

The cannabis industry is an ever growing market for new innovations and inventions. These inventions are not limited just to medical therapies, but also to developing new varieties such as tinctures, oils, edibles and much more.

These days shatters have become the limelight of various marijuana consumption modes.

Now, what exactly is SHATTER?

It is one of the types of BHOs or Butane Hash Oils (others products include- budder, wax, crumble and oil). Shatter is called so because it has a glass-like appearance and shatters when dropped.

Other popular names

It has been seen that with just a slight variation in heat and moisture content during preparation process can give different textures to the shatter. The Sap- Texture is hard and greasy. The other one called Pull and Snap has a texture similar to taffy.

How is Shatter made?

Here is a list of ingredients that are required to make shatter.

1. 10 grams to a half ounce of cannabis
2. Pyrex Pie Pans (2 pans are required in which one fits in the other)
3. A glass tube for extraction (If not available, you can also use a Stainless Steel Turkey Baster)
4. Vector Butane
5. Thermometer
6. Coffee filters
7. Rubber bands
8. Large insulated Cup
9. A towel


First, pack the cannabis in the glass tube in a way that air can get through the tube.

Then, cover the large end of the glass tube with the coffee filters with the help of rubber bands.

Now boil water on a stove and heat till its temperature reaches 160 degrees. After this, pour this boiled water into the large insulated cup.

Next, pour the previously heated water into the bigger pyrex pan and then cover this pan with other smaller pan.

After this, cover the glass tube using the towel and then hold this tube with its filter side approximately 3-4 inches above the pyrex pan.

Carefully place a tip of butane into the other side of the glass tube. Then, spray the butane on the tip and let it evaporate inside the glass tube.

Once, the water in the pan cools down, replace it with a second batch of heated water. After 15 minutes, put the pan in an area of proper ventilation with no direct sunlight or any freezing temperatures for a period of 48-56 hours.`

This process forms a thin sheet of extract which yields around 3 grams per half an ounce of cannabis used.

Shatter can be used in a variety of ways such as:
• Mixing with a flower
• Smoking it in a hashpipe
• In a vaporizer
• As a concentrate in Dabbing

Next obvious question: Is DIY at home something you want to do?

Professionals have all the required equipment to handle butane (highly inflammable).
Therefore, it is very dangerous to follow this procedure in your house.`

As there have been some incidents that have resulted in explosions causing injuries and even deaths.

Therefore, it is advisable not to make shatter at your place. Instead, buy it from a reputed manufacturer, online store or dispensary.

And what good is shatter anyway?

It contains more than 70% concentrated THC and other cannabinoids.
Hence, it is assumed to be the purest form of all available cannabis concentrates.
It offers strong and fast relief from symptoms like chronic pain.

All you need is to apply for a medical recommendation online and enjoy using shatter in the comfort of your home.

Have you tried this amazing product?

If yes, do share your experiences in the comments section below.

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