How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card?

Today We are Introducing you How to Grow and Possess More Cannabis with a Medical Card?

Recreational cannabis sales commenced in California on January onwards. But that does not mean you won’t need a medical marijuana card in 2018. Having an MMJcard assures huge savings and numerous other advantages.

In this video, we’re looking at how cannabis users can #grow eight times more cannabis and turn their land into a massive marijuana farm with a medical marijuana card.

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California’s big moment has finally arrived. Recreational marijuana sales are about to commence in the golden state on January onwards. In case you were planning to head over to the nearest dispensary to celebrate New Year’s Day, we suggest you to not get your hopes up just yet.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but apart from the fact that proposed 45% tax on recreational cannabis would burn a hole in most Californians’ pockets, the fact is that most cities are not prepared to roll out legal marijuana plan in the first place. The Bureau of Cannabis Control is still developing an online system for businesses to apply for operating licenses.

If that wasn’t bad enough, recreational marijuana users further face growing, #possessing and purchase restrictions on their cannabis use.

To help you join in the New Year marijuana festivities, we’re here to help you stay updated with your state’s cannabis laws. In this video, we’ll provide a simple, comprehensive guide to show how Californians can purchase and possess higher amounts of cannabis.

Legally, recreational users of cannabis are allowed to-

1. Possess up to one ounce of marijuana at a time.
2. Cultivate up to 6 plants, as long as they are out of public view.

A medical card issued by a certified platform such as #OnlineMedicalCard, allows users to get instant medical cannabis #evaluations on their email address.

Some of the advantages of opting for a medical marijuana card include:

1. 8 times more possession limit of cannabis as compared to recreational users who can possess only one ounce.

2. Legal protection in cultivating up to 100 square feet of plant canopy for an MMJ patient and 500 square feet for caregivers to up to 5 patients.

While uncertainties about California’s marijuana industry still persist, one thing is for certain. A medical marijuana card will save you 25% in tax money annually.

Moreover, the state’s medical cannabis patients will benefit from a higher growing possession/growing limit, legal protection to receive cannabis gifts and travel with cannabis.

The whole range of benefits is much more than the ones described above. So, get a medical card right now and celebrate New Year’s Day like a boss.

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