How to Choose Quality Cannabis

If you are cannabis user then you might have come across immature as well as mature form of cannabis. Cannabis available in the market can vary dramatically in quality – we’re here to teach you how to tell the difference.

1. Search for crystals: You need to check the number of crystals in your cannabis. Fewer crystals indicate low tetrahydrocannabinol. With such amount of THC, you won’t get the psychoactive effect.

2. Check the color of the plant: Ideal cannabis is of green color with orange or purple spots, but if you come across brown cannabis you should refrain yourself from using it because it is of bad quality.

3. Cannabis hair: Various stages are involved in the growth of cannabis plant. The stigmas which are the hair like strands of the pistil begin with white coloration and latter on darken to yellow, orange, red and brown as the maturation process progresses.

4. Not too sticky or dry: Your cannabis should neither be too wet nor too dry instead, it should be in the middle. If it’s too dry, it will burn quickly.

5. Check the leaves: High quality cannabis should already be removed of leaves, seeds, and stems. If you purchase medical cannabis by weight, that weight should not include much of leaves, seeds, or stems since these do not contain much THC.

6. Odor: Cannabis has a particular fragrance, and if your cannabis smells like hay then discard it.

7. Flavor: Usually, cannabis has a fresh taste and if your cannabis tastes something different then don’t consume it.

8: The Experience: An experienced user can guide you on the details of quality.

Hope you like our video and learned how to buy quality cannabis.

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