How are Lighting Solutions Changing The Future of Cannabis Cultivation?

Gone are the days when cannabis cultivation was just about managing light schedules manually. Large-scale cultivators are relying on modern technologies more than ever before to improve cannabis production.

Thanks to the legalization of cannabis in many states across the US, cannabis growers are making an effort to increase the yield by innovating new lighting systems.

Here are top 3 lighting solutions which will revolutionize the future of cannabis growing in 2019.

• Full Spectrum Light

Every strain has a specific lighting requirement. So, it becomes a time-consuming process to find the ideal light source every time and becomes even hectic if you are growing different types of strains.

To fix this situation, industry specialists have realized that instead of using just one spectrum of light, the plants need full-spectrum lights.

Various companies are coming up with pre-set light recipes which will allow cultivators to focus more on adjustments rather than thinking what will work and what will not. These little adjustments will allow growing dense cannabis cultivation or biomass.

To quote an example-

Gus van der Feltz, Global Director of City Farming at Philip Lighting states that by making a simple light adjustment during the harvest time increased the yield by more than 20%.

Along with this, he developed a much juicier as well as flavorful bud.

• Fohse LED Lighting Systems

Usually, cultivators go for LED systems to save energy cost. But, they quickly grow out of this option as it results in less yields due to lack of power.

Realizing the fact that power is an essential factor why people are drifting from LED solutions for cannabis growing, James Bradley and his associates at GB Sciences specifically designed LED systems for cannabis growing.

This new technology has been named Fohse LED Lighting Systems. The company has started its first model, A3i, which is scheduled to hit markets in the first quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, its other model, F1V Vegetative Fixture is still in its production phases.

• Organic Light Emitting Diodes or OLEDs

Cannabis cultivation has moved more towards LED focussed approach since the last decade. They are very popular among cannabis cultivators

So, why there is a need to shift from LEDs to OLEDs?

It’s because OLED technology in many ways is better than the usual LED lighting systems.


OLED technology will only require an inch of the total space yet they provide the same light intensity as the earlier LED systems. Hence, cultivators can increase the amount of cannabis cultivation. Plus, they produce little or no heat which will significantly reduce the use of costly HVAC systems. Also, energy savings is a bonus point for this amazing technology.

As these new lighting technologies hit the market, chances are high that it will tremendously change the way cannabis is grown.
The marijuana industry is undergoing phenomenal changes in growing facilities as well as technologies, and so it is likely that these innovations would be a hit in the coming year.

Are you looking forward to trying out these cool lighting systems for your next grow? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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