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California Approves Cannabis Delivery Services Statewide

Here is some good news for cannabis users and sellers living in California!

Many more citizens of California can now order cannabis over the phone or internet and get it delivered at their doorstep.

On 7th December 2018, The Bureau of Cannabis Control approved of statewide cannabis delivery operations across California. With this approval, delivery companies now will be able to deliver cannabis across the entire state, even in areas that have banned cannabis locally.

Unfortunately, the California League of Cities and a couple of Law Enforcement Agencies have strongly opposed this rule. They argue that cannabis deliveries in banned areas will loosen control of the Local Government and may give rise to criminal incidents. An online petition campaign has been launched against the rule to form public opinion.

However, BCC has mentioned explicitly that Proposition 64 – the law that legalized cannabis in California in 2016 – allows for statewide deliveries. They had to use explicit language after a few law enforcement officials publicly said that licensed delivery drivers could be arrested if they were seen delivering cannabis in restricted areas.

On the other side, statewide marijuana supporters have welcomed the new rule by saying that this would be highly beneficial for patients living in cannabis-banned areas.

There are a lot of people in California who depend on cannabis for managing their medical condition. Living in a big state, patients often have to drive for hours to get to the nearest dispensary. 420 home-deliveries will definitely make their life easier.

While some of the counties which specifically ban cannabis deliveries such as San Diego County, Merced, Orange County, Newark, Dublin, and many more are still silent on the issue of deliveries.

On the other hand, a few jurisdictions, such as the City of Oakland, Los Angeles, Hayword, Livermore, Riverside have embraced not only cannabis delivery within their jurisdiction but permitted cannabis delivery businesses to establish locations within their jurisdiction consistent with State law.

Amidst appreciation and opposition, this long debated issue now lies on the file of Office of Administrative Law. If they don’t object, the rule will become law after 30 days of the legislation passed.

Legalizing cannabis deliveries officially across the state will make it more accessible to patients across the state. 2019 is definitely looking like another big year for the cannabis industry.

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