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Victory Gardens In Quarantine: The Cannabis Edition - June 02, 2020

Quarantine has brought Victory gardens back in trend. It became prevalent during the two World Wars and has proved to be beneficial during the COVID-19 lockdown too. But while it included growing vegetables and food at home back in the day, the idea of a victory garden extends to cannabis in the present scenario. After all, it’s essential for many in the US.

If you are trying to make your own little cannabis victory garden, make sure that it’s legal in your state. And in case you need to grow more than the recreational limit, you’ll have to go and get a medical 420 card before you begin growing. That’s how you stay within the legal limits.

How did cannabis become a part of victory gardens?

Boredom has caught us all in a state of stagnation. To keep our sanity, something has to be done to kill the monotony. That’s how people came up with the idea of victory gardens initially. And it’s no different now. Essentially, victory gardens were used to be self-sufficient during perilous times like the World Wars. So the gardens included food, vegetables, fruits, and everything else that is essential and can be grown for survival.

Today, victory gardens have taken a new turn with cannabis. COVID-19 has created an atmosphere in the world that’s somewhat similar to the World Wars. The streets outside aren’t safe and neither is the interaction with other people. The need for essentials is stressful and the supply chain is also disrupted due to the pandemic. It created fear of insufficient supply and no access to their necessity. In such times, self-sufficiency can be the only way out especially for people who need cannabis regularly. Thus came the idea of gardening.

In addition to meeting their everyday needs, cannabis victory gardens also served as a safety net. To keep every possible way of exposure to COVID-19 out of the way and to keep their sanity through the lockdown, people opted to grow cannabis at home.


Is it the right time to grow cannabis at home?

Short answer, yes.

In fact, it is the best time to consider growing your own cannabis at home.

The times are stressful and you need a healthy outlet for your emotions. And gardening can help you do it perfectly. Growing cannabis as an activity can be stress relieving. It gives you something to look forward to and also a sense of control in the otherwise tumultuous atmosphere.

Many may have second thoughts in buying cannabis from the outside considering the fact that the virus can survive on packages. Having your own plant will keep you free from any such doubts. You can have the assurance of quality and that too with an unlimited supply since you control the growing conditions like sanitization and quality.


Should You Get Yourself a 420 Card?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, financial crisis is also very common among individuals. And so opting for a shady backdoor deal or recreational cannabis isn’t the only option for patient. If your state allows your ailment as a qualifying medical condition for the use of cannabis, all you need is a 420 card and you are good to go. Realizing the cannabis costs that pile up for medical patients, having a plant at home will be a great financial relief. Yes, it needs some investment initially but it will be easier if you plant one outdoors.

The sun, soil and air will look after most of its requirements. All you have to do is keep a regular check for any signs of stunt growth, disease or stress. After the plant reaches the flowering stage, you’ll have a forever supply of cannabis at home. Every part of the plant can be used in various ways. Add leaves to the salad or use stems to make kief. Either way, you’ll see your savings grow bigger by the day.

So do you want to set up a victory garden with cannabis? If yes, begin by acquainting yourself with the marijuana laws of your state. Then get in touch with your nearest licensed physician or go online to go through the consultation process and start preparing for your cannabis victory garden.

Online Medical Card Team

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