things you need to know about dabs

Top 5 things You Need to Know About Dabs - August 02, 2017

Concentrates are the new rising stars of the growing cannabis industry. Although they have been around for quite a while, solvent cannabis use has seen a significant rise in the past decade. Dabs are well known for their potent and dynamic effects, consequently making it a popular consumption method among the youth these days. Here are 5 things you need to know, before splurging any time and effort into dabbing.

#1 What are dabs?

The most common question in mind, what are dabs? A dab is a sticky and wax-like cannabis concentrate. They are produced by processing the plant with solvents like Butane & CO2, resulting in a sticky oily resin like a decoction. These are available in a variety of concentrations and products like wax, shatter, honeycomb, BHO (Butane Hash Oil), etc. The oil/wax is placed on a nail, which is then attached to a ring (as known as a rig) fitted inside of a bong like structure. The dab rings are usually skillet shaped and are made of either titanium or quartz. This allows the conducting of heat to vaporize the wax when ignited with a blowtorch. Inhalation of this vapor produces extremely potent effects instantaneously.

#2 The Dab Saga

The exact details about when dabs first came into use in the US are still debatable. Cannabis concentrates have been around for quite a bit; from somewhere around the 40s, but have always been vulnerable to a controversial culture. The most common method to dab back in the 60s and 70s was using a hot knife. The burning surface of the knife will produce a few fumes and you are good to go.  This was succeeded by the introduction of dab rigs, which were not popular back then. They were also poorly constructed and highly prized for their value.

#3 Dabs & the 21st century

Up until the last 5-6 years, dabs were only available in the form of budders and crumbles. Although now, the ‘710’ scene is trending in every storefront and online dispensary out there. Headway in the extraction process has made way for concentrates that excel in their potency and strength. While a typical cannabis cigarette contains up to 16% THC on average, hash oils and similar products can go as high as 90% THC. Likewise, the demand and supply for concentrates have increased from a 3% to a whopping 60% in the past two decades! These days you can find handcrafted and customized devices that offer a multitude of functions. You can choose from Nectar Collectors, recyclers, in cycles, and water pipes. Vaporizers being less harmful than other methods of inhalation can also be used to consume oils. Here is a guide to the best vape pens of 2017.

#4 Dosage concerns

Dosing right is always the first rule of thumb when consuming potent cannabis extracts. It is common knowledge now that a person has to smoke cannabis 4 times their body’s weight consecutively to overdose. However, this being impossible, it is easy to overdo the dosage when dabbing. Symptoms can include passing out, feeling uncomfortable and anxious, or experiencing psychedelic effects.

#5 Dab right and always with safely.

Given the efficacy and high strength of cannabis concentrates, it is always safe to research and seek help before opting for this consumption method.  Amateurs these days are proving to be a PR setback to many legalization activists and dispensaries alike. Producing waxes and oils at home can be a fatal process and must be only conducted by an experienced professional in a lab controlled environment. Very rarely, products can also contain contaminants, which may lead to allergic reactions or poisoning. With the legalization of recreational cannabis across many cities in CA from January 2018, the industry is hoping to see more people use concentrates as their preferred choice of cannabis consumption.

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