Gift Cannabis on Father's Day

This Father’s Day, Let Cannabis do the Honors! - June 13, 2019

“Hey son! How are you doing’?”

“High dad! Umm.. I mean Hi!! All good!”

“I do get it son…I’m your dad!”

*Smiles exchanged*

Dads are the ultimate heroes in our lives. You exist because he does. Now, it’s time to team him up with another hero—The father of all herbs—Cannabis!

Chances are that your father is already a big cannabis enthusiast. In fact, he might have been smoking one even before you were born. Now, it’s time to team up. Father’s Day is knocking at the door and I’ve got some plans for you.


This Father’s Day, ditch the cliche celebration. Instead, gift him the ultimate cannabis experience. Trust me. He deserves it.

Hit a Dispensary

This has to be your favorite spot. Ever since cannabis became legal, there has been a wave of positive changes. A dispensary is one of them. There are over 400 legal dispensaries in California offering the ultimate doorway to bliss.

Gift your father a refreshing canna-experience guaranteed to give him boost he deserves. Ideally, before you hit the dispensary, get him evaluated at a certified 420 clinic and equip him with a medical marijuana card. I’m sure he’ll be impressed to know that you care for him.

Well, I’ve got another idea!

Let him discover the best herb for himself. California houses a list of cool cannabis dispensaries. Indulge in the cool vibe by hitting one of these and let your dad experience the high he deserves. Cool! Isn’t it?

If you’re not aware that which dispensary would be your best bet, you don’t need to stress. There are endless stores that can provide you with the experience you desire.

For instance, Bud and Bloom have been listed as one of the most beautiful dispensaries in California. The intricately crafted interiors with a crisp display of strains are sure to get your senses excited. Let your dad explore and test the strains for himself.  In fact, you can recommend him to some of your favorite strains and introduce him to the ultimate cannabis experience.

Go on an Exciting Cannabis Tour

Cannabis tourism is a thing now. And, it’s something your dad will love to be a part of.  Surprise your father with an exclusive cannabis trip and introduce him to an unexplored part of the cannabis industry. Honestly, you wouldn’t get a better occasion than this to let your dad be a part of something this exciting.

A typical trip includes visits to commercial grow spaces, manufacturing units, dispensaries, edible kitchens, and more. The trip is a perfect gift to celebrate the budding bond between you and your father. Shared experiences last long.

Cook up some bliss

So, what’s your dad’s favorite snack? It’s time to give it a magical twist. Treat his taste buds with a delicious cannabis-infused dinner. Surprise him with a cheesy herb-infused pizza or pack his favorite cookies with a tinge of cannabis.

Fan of desserts?

No worries! Grab some chocolates and blend them with his favorite flower to bake some bliss brownies for the night. Top that up with a brilliantly rolled stash of herb and let the smoke make its way into your puff of ecstasy.

Go out For Shopping

Shopping is often synonymous with women but men love it too. In fact, when the herb invites, you gotta go. Thankfully, legalization has gifted us with a brilliant opportunity to test a wide stock of cannabis goodies in the market.

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So, your dad loves smoking? It’s time for an upgrade. Grab some fancy vape or an intricately designed glass bong to sketch a new smoking experience. Also, don’t miss out on body care.  There are loads of infused body butters, creams, massage oils, and body grooming products. Just let your dad decide what he wants. Be a good boy!

So, medical marijuana is sure to add a new dimension to your bond with your father. Dads are always the landing pad of all your problems in life. They deserve care and attention too. Now, it’s time for a change. This Father’s Day, let cannabis pamper your dad.

Online Medical Card Team

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