Thanksgiving 2020: Home Safety Edition

Thanksgiving 2020: Home Safety Edition - November 26, 2020

This year is an opportunity to think out of the box and celebrate a safe Thanksgiving. While many people will be looking forward to celebrating a virtual dinner, some will miss large gatherings due to the existing crisis. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot celebrate Thanksgiving with full fervor and joy. Perhaps, this year you can break the barriers and celebrate an entirely new Thanksgiving. 

Those who cannot see their families can replicate some semblance of your family’s Thanksgiving-style and feel closer to home. It may also inspire you to stay true to the roots and celebrate the essence of Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for thoughtful ways to throw a party or dinner this year, keeping all the safety measures in mind, we’ve put together a list of stress-free and safe ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with a twist of medical cannabis amid the pandemic. 

Breakup With the Old Traditions (Try New Ones)

While traditions are an integral part of Thanksgiving, this year, add a twist to your dinner with recreational or medical cannabis. Cannabis might come as a refuge for those who want to stay stress-free and enjoy the essence of Thanksgiving dinner. You can also break free of traditional ties and choose to cook a non-traditional dinner. For instance, this is a perfect time to rummage through your cookbook and lay your hands on dishes you always wanted to try. Also, as a bonus, it will be easier for you to try new recipes because you won’t have a house full of guests joining you this year. 

Maybe you can try something on the lines of replacing a turkey with carbonara. Or else, try family dishes featured in famous cookbooks like ‘From Crook to Cook’ by the famous Snoop Dog. The book is full of recipes that most people can cook easily. From peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to Dijon salmon, and Faux-tisserie chicken and vegetables, you will be happy to bring the dishes alive. And don’t forget to pair them with a glass of wine to add meaning to the non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. 

Dine Al Fresco 

If you reside in a region with warmer climates, take utmost advantage of the weather and plan an outdoor dining experience this Thanksgiving. It will be easier for people to gather socially distanced in an outdoor setting. Be it a backyard or a front patio you can grill your own turkey using cannabis butter at a safe distance and allow each guest to take portions of their food while wearing masks.    

In addition to this, make sure that you match the count of your guests with the size of your backyard. We advise you to keep the guest count to a minimum. Also, don’t forget to set some rules for the outdoor dinner party. For instance, ask your guests to wear masks at all times, request your family and friends to self-quarantine before the day arrives. If possible, arrange the seating area in a socially distanced manner to reduce the chances of contraction. 

Throw a Virtual Dinner Party

Before you take the cannabis strain out of your jar to fill your head with the euphoric effects, first decide how you plan on throwing a virtual Thanksgiving dinner. You can start by making a Thanksgiving virtual dinner invite. Don’t forget to mention the time and broadcast the party on your TV or a big screen if possible. Broadcasting on a phone screen or laptop will give you a distant feeling. Also, you will feel far away from your family than they already are. 

Alternatively, if you feel that you will miss out on the joy of cooking food together with family and friends, connect with everyone over a long-distance video chat. However, ensure that you prepare the same batches of dishes independently. This way, you can talk, cook, and celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving. Again, once you agree on the menu and the time of the virtual Thanksgiving meet, enhance the dining experience with the help of cannabis. 

Prepare Food for Family and Neighbors

Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. You either have a cook who makes delicious food for you, or ordering takeouts have been your forte. However, you can change your cooking habits this year and motivate yourself to cook. All you need is a dose of cannabis, and cooking will seem fun before you even know it. Also, this way, you will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner made with love and a little twist of cannabis. So, cook and prepare food for loved ones (especially those at higher risk of the coronavirus illness). You can prepare a delicious meal for them and get the food delivered to their doorstep without risking their chances of contraction. 

Scale Your Menu and Guest List a Little Back

A Thanksgiving for two people sounds like the best plan this year. After all, you don’t want people contracting the virus at a Thanksgiving party. So, scale back a bit, and do not plan on cooking a lavish dinner for ten people. This is to say that instead of making a whole bird, you can repurpose the turkey and use small portions according to the size of the people living in your house. 

Also, if you feel that inviting neighbors and close-knit family will make your day better. First, check the data of coronavirus cases in your region and analyze the situation. If the situation is worse and chances of community spread are more likely than other areas, plan on celebrating Thanksgiving with the house members residing with you at the moment. Or even better, connect with your friends and family over a video call. Interestingly, the best part about virtual dinners is that you don’t even have to worry about cooking a dry turkey. 

Final Thoughts on Danksgiving 2020 Edition

With the number of coronavirus cases still rising, small gatherings are the best way to go about it. Not only this, but the CDC recently issued guidelines regarding Thanksgiving and suggested people stay at home while advising Americans to make no travel plans. The report also revealed that in the past few weeks, the US has seen an emergence of million new coronavirus cases. 

Also, indicating that ensuring the safety of others and yourself is still a priority. However, that doesn’t mean that you give up on all your plans for Thanksgiving. You can style it with a touch of newness or lay back and add a twist of cannabis to your Thanksgiving dinner. Be it whatever, celebrate without putting others and yourself at risk. 

Online Medical Card Team

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