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Upgrade your vaping experience with a thin, elegant and portable dry herb vaporizer-Airvape X Vaporizer. With a full chamber, you will be able to get around 12 hits.



Airvape X is the improved and better version of an already available Aivape XS vaporizer. This vaporizer has a sleek design with a magnetic mouthpiece along with an advanced structure. This new model has the same metal body as its predecessor but, with a 25% larger ceramic chamber. Also, its precision temperature (200F-420F) feature provides an expert control over your clouds. Once the required temperature is attained, this vaporizer will notify via vibrations. Plus, you can also customize your time to shut off the device when that respective time is up. All you need is to first set the temperature to its maximum which will ensure sterilization of the entire unit.


High-Grade Materials with Larger Ceramic Herb Chamber

Airvape X vaporizer has a robust body without making it heavy at all. Hence, ensuring the device thoroughly vaporizes herb without causing combustion or any other wear-tear issues. It has an oval ceramic chamber which is larger than its earlier model which makes it suitable for more extended sessions coupled with fewer reloads. They have optimized design in such a way that you can clean its interior very easily. This enables to maintain optimal performance plus you get smooth flavors of your favorite dry herb strains.

Easy to Use

This vaporizer has an advantage of effortless operation which eventually makes every stage of your sessions very easy. Just load the chamber with your favorite herb (finely grounded) tightly and until it reaches the brim. For a new concentrate pad, you are required to dab wax or drip oil onto the pad before putting it inside this chamber. Then, put on the magnetic lid back and get started after pushing the power button three times.

Pocket-friendly Design

AirVape X is just 0.48” thin with a 3.2-ounce build is one of the slimmest and light-weight portable herb vaporizers which can be easily carried around. Despite its small size, the AirVape X vape is strong and sturdy with a sleek aluminum build that’s ready for anything.
On the whole, this product is designed specifically to fit into your palms or pocket for complete discretion.

Precision Temperature Control along with Hybrid Heating

Unlike other available portable vaporizers, the AirVape X features advanced precision temperature control. You can choose any temperature for your preferred flavor, density as well as cloud size. This vaporizer will heat up in just 20 seconds using a fantastic feature of hybrid heating technology. This particular technology provides smooth, potent and tasty hits all at the same time. Not even a single granule is left unheated, delivering the best flavors and potency with no wastage at all.

Powerful Portable Vaporizer

Air Vape X comes with a strong 1300mAh battery with the benefit of quick charging coupled with a dynamic heating system. You can recharge this device using a USB from almost anywhere. It helps in delivering long-lasting vaping sessions which depends on the temperature that you vape. You can also enjoy vaping while its battery is charging with the help of an amazing pass-through technology.


  • AirVape X Vaporizer- 1
  • X Shell- 1
  • Concentrate Pad Insert- 1
  • Loading Tool- 1
  • USB Charging Cable- 1
  • Cleaning Brush- 1
  • Filter Screen- 1
  • User Manual- 1
  • Warranty Card- 1

Additional information

Airvape Color

Black, Blue

Customer Reviews

My product was supposed to be delivered on monday, but delivered on tuesday. I forget all the complaints when i saw the genuine product. Thank you!!!

Great product, value for money!!! Don’t take too much time to recharge and battery life is also good. One thing I liked very much about this product is that you can use it while charging. recommended for all cannabis lovers!

I just want to say one word about Airvape x vaporizer – AMAZING!
I have used many vaporizers, but this one is my favorite. A full 5 on 5

Finally, I got my Airvape!! Thanku Online Medical Card!
My friend recommended this and now im happy to finally get my own.

This is my first “vape” and I have to say that after doing a lot of research I picked a winner.

Although I’ve only used it a few times I like the way it feels in my hand, the vaping power and the mouthpiece (ceramic.)

As I use it more I’ll update this review.

got this for my boyfriend, and he loves it. Must say it looks quite sleek n stylish too. Purchase was easy and comes with free shipping. Would def reccomend to others.

Small and easy to clean and use. The mouthpiece is getting hot and the reservoir could be bigger.
Faster charge would have been nice too but not a big deal.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A we recommend alcohol because it is the most effective. However, vinegar would also work well. While you could use hydrogen peroxide, we think this would be a less effective solvent. Clean your AirVape X Vaporizer, remove the mouthpiece and soak the glass in your solvent of choice. Brush the herb chamber of any dried material or residue. That should keep it good as new. Hope this helps.
  2. A As you said, the temperature setting of your AirVape X Vaporizer will largely dictate the amount of hits. But if you start around 380F and move up gently as the unit produces less vapor, you should be able to get somewhere around 8-10 hits. Thanks for asking.
  3. A The screen on the airbox of the AirVape X Vaporizer are replaceable.
  4. A The aluminum used on the AirVape X Vaporizer is only in the exterior. The interior chamber is ceramic. The mouthpiece is black ceramic.
  5. A It is recommended that you set the temp of your AirVape X Vaporizer at around 415°F, the convection heating means the vapor won't be as dense, but your session will last.
  6. A Yes the AirVape X Vaporizer comes with everything you need to get started vaping out-of-the-box, the mouthpiece listed on the "extras" is just a back up mouthpiece.