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Proposition 64 California Now Offers Recreational as well as Medical use for adults - November 14, 2016

Before recreational law Proposition 64 passed, there has been a successful medical use program through Prop 215. Since 1996, Californians have known a freedom that the rest of the country often envied or feared. When enacted, Prop 215 provided safe medical access and protection from prosecution; for medicating by smoking, eating, vaping or any other intake method your health malady requires.

This movement was more than the hippies who just wanted to grow and smoke flowers for health. In 1996, Prop 215 laid the foundation for the rest of the country to begin to understand and accept this path to alternative remedies. Slowly, state-by-state, medical compassionate use laws have been enacted, and people are beginning to heal. Currently, over half of the states in the US, have voted to allow home medical grows and safe access through dispensaries.

Historically California Set the Medical Bar

Patients and providers used California legalization of safe medical access; to pave the way and set standards for access and care for two decades. That proactive stance has become medical use standards across the nation.

Setting standards for things like online medical recommendations and online medical access cards. California created these services that have allowed sick people in rural areas, who are bedridden and otherwise unable to get the care they need; have safe access to natural plant based health care.

Prop 64 will not affect the medical system, including, online medical recommendations. For those who are sick online sources and dispensaries, should be considered the foundation for safe medical access through California’s legalization of medical.

This medical charge in the 1990s, allowing patients to help patients heal, teach and grow as a community helped show the citizens that this plant was not as bad as they thought. This knowledge showed this plant contained more health and recreational value than the public knew. As the public perception and fears subsided and became based in hands-on reality, the people began to relax.

Over the last number of years, several other states have allowed recreational use to exist along side of medical access. In each of these states, the use differences are obvious between medical and recreational. For those who need medicine, they need to continue with the system that has been in place for so many years, helping, protecting and healing patients. The recreational market, as great as it is, is not designed to help sick people. Proposition 64 is designed to give access to all adults; the medical market is still how the ill will find care.

Prop 64 Adult Use, Rights to Recreate

California voted yes on historical change this November. The yes nod to Prop 64, now gives all adults in California rights to possess one ounce and grow six plants per household. Allowing for all people over 21 to decide how they relax and recreate.

California legalization through, Proposition 64, will take effect immediately, but that does not mean you will have access right away. As of right now, anyone 21 or older can possess an ounce, have six plants (but they must be hidden and protected by a lock) and you can still only smoke in the privacy of your home or a private residence.

Immediate for All Users

For now, recreationally, you cannot buy it, you cannot sell it, but you can give up to one ounce away as a gift. Seeds are not for sale yet, but if someone offers you some for free, you can plant them.

Possession of concentrates up to 8 grams for recreational use, but there is a current conflict with the wording of the law. Part of the law refers to your recreational concentrate limit at 4grams; this conflict will be handled in court, soon. These rules for recreational use will be the system until the laws and regulations are in full effect in 2018.

It will not be until Jan 1, 2018; that stores are allowed to open for access to recreational use and purchasing through Prop 64.  Medical safe access collectives and dispensaries will remain open for medical patients and will not be affected by the 2018 date. Unfortunately, dispensaries will not be selling anything recreational to anyone. You cannot have access to your local clinic without a medical recommendation from your doctor.

The medical compassionate use rules have not changed for now. Through the next couple of years, the medical use system will be subject to licensing and further regulations. For now, Prop 215 is business as usual.

Medical patients should remain using the patient helping patient access model that has been in place for 20 years. Your doctors are still going to know what is best for your conditions. Doctors using online medical systems will still be there to provide you with quality care and protection from persecution for your medical use.

As the dust settles and all adult Californians have equal access to the flowers, edibles, tinctures and oils of their choice; there will be a collective sigh of relief. As a medical patient, you should celebrate your system that has been taking care of you for decades. Soon enough the sick and the well will lift a joint in toast and toke for freedom for all

Online Medical Card Team

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