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We aim to provide access to Medical Marijuana Card in the most effective and confidential way. Under the guidelines of Proposition 215, in 96; cannabis used for medical purposes is legal in California with a valid recommendation from a Medical Marijuana Doctor. We provide an extremely economical, professional and private 420 evaluation by our licensed doctors.
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Our professionals work hard to provide the best possible service when seeking medical cannabis. They aim to provide all our patients across the state with a smooth and hassle free experience when getting a renewal or a new card.  We refund your money in case you are not approved or dissatisfied with our service.

Santa Clarita is the third largest city in the Los Angeles County. It occupies most of the Santa Clarita Valley and was formed due to the union of unincorporated communities like Canyon County, Newhall, Saugus and Valencia.
Incorporated in 1987, the city’s name evolved from ‘little Santa Clara’ to ‘Santa Clarita’. The gold rush in California brought in the community of Newhall to this region, which resulted in the establishment of rail companies in the city. The community of Mentryville was responsible for setting up the California oil industry and making the region flourish economically.
Santa Clarita has established many parks like Central Park and recreational centers for the youth consisting of an aquatic park, which offers a variety of water sports and activities. There is no shortage of outdoor sports as the city provides its locals with plenty of areas to play tennis, basketball, baseball, and soccer.
The well known Saugus café is the oldest and still operational restaurant in LA. The Gibbon conservation center is home to over 40 highly endangered gibbon apes.
The legendary Institute of Cal Arts is located in Valencia and has been the center for creativity and learning since 1971.The Vasquez Rocks have been the backdrop to many films like Star Trek IV, and definitely are a great haunt for movie lovers.
Events like summer concerts and the Santa Clarita Marathon are greatly anticipated and celebrated in this region. This city can turn any dull day into a fun-filled experience, which people of all ages can enjoy.

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