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La Palma- The City Which Was Earlier Famous As Dairyland

La Palma is a city in Orange County which had a large number of dairy farms. Hence the name, Dairyland. The city with a population of more than 15,000 has farming as their primary occupation.

What does this city offer to tourists?

This city is known for its large public library and an art museum. Therefore, visitors get a place to look at  historical and cultural background. Along with this, city has a variety of tourist attractions such as:

Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts

This was primarily established for the students of the Anaheim Union High School District. However, it became famous for a wide array of art options.

Central Park

This park consists of Two playgrounds, picnic tables, barbecues, soccer and softball fields, lighted tennis courts and community center. Therefore, visitors of any age group have something or the other in this area.

The La Palma Shopping Center

It provides an excellent opportunity for enthusiastic shoppers.

Nearby Attractions

  1. Kang’s Art Museum.
  2. Fullerton Creek.
  3. El Rancho Verde Park.

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Medical Marijuana Regulations In La Palma

The City currently prohibits any type of commercial activities related to medical or recreational marijuana. However, it has allowed indoor cultivation of medical marijuana by patients with a mmj recommendation from certified medical marijuana doctors

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has Access to Medical Marijuana in La Palma?

Any qualified patient can get possess medical marijuana. However, you have to look for a dispensary near your city or ordering online. Websites like Online Medical Card, weedmaps and Leafly are great places to do so.

Where to get a medical marijuana card in La Palma?

In order to get medical marijuana card in this city, you need to get evaluated by a licensed 420 medical marijuana doctor in La Palma, CA. You are not required to visit the clinic physically to get your 420 evaluation.

Why do you need a medical marijuana card?

By applying for a medical marijuana card, you can avoid any kind of harassment related to possession of medical marijuana.

Also, this card will help you buy cannabis medicine from any licensed dispensary/online collective.

Along with this, you are also exempt from paying any Sales and Use Tax on medical marijuana products which ensures guaranteed savings.


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