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Daly City

Daly City is the largest in San Mateo County, California named after the renowned businessman and landowner John Donald Daly. It bordered the cities of San Francisco, Brisbane, Pacific, South San Francisco and the town of Colma, including many unincorporated areas of San Mateo County. The city generally remains cool and dry during the summers, while mild during winters.

It is located just outside San Francisco, it is waiting to be discovered. The best thing about this city is its nearness to the ocean and is adorned with lovely beaches. Taking a walk along the beach is itself a lovely experience. The city neighbors Westlake, Serramonte, St. Francis Heights, Crocker, Southern Hills and Bayshore. Westlake is famous for its distinct architecture and for being among the earliest examples of planned yet large tract suburb, the inspiration of which they got from the Malvina Reynolds song, “Little Boxes”.

The climate of Daly city is similar to San Francisco’s climate as the fog occurs in the spring and during the early summer. The people of this city love outing, sporting and having their own leisure time. There are many Golf clubs, city parks and sports and recreation centers.It has also emerged as the most preferred spot for shopping. US.

And since the incorporation of the Marijuana law, the city has become a hub for the marijuana for the medical and recreational purpose besides being retail, healthcare and the business hub.


In California, the average cannabis users include a wide range of demographic groups and age classes. These vary from employed professionals to senior citizens, students and even parents. This shows a growing acceptance of medical cannabis in the community and a massive shift in the perception of people. If you believe that medical cannabis should be made accessible to anyone who is medically eligible, make sure you get your medical card at the earliest.

What are the Medical Marijuana Laws in the City?
How will you get the Medical Marijuana laws in the City?
What will be the benefit of the Medical Marijuana law?
How Can you find the dispensaries near you?
What are the Medical Marijuana Laws in the City?

Since the Proposition 64 was initiated, many cities and counties have been trying to reconsider and rethink on medical marijuana regulations. Since local governments are against the implementation of this plant of great medical value in the city, it is no surprise that the States who are in favor of Medical Marijuana have to modify and create their own laws to reflect the will of the voters. In fact, in 2012, Daly City police departments had also recommended MMJ delivery services to the interested people.

So when the city council banned the dispensaries in the city, the local police advocated in its favor, as they knew locals could just drive North to have their share of Marijuana from the local businessman.

The Daly City Municipal code has their own zoning laws that had placed the prohibition on the medical marijuana dispensaries, within its own city limits. To put this into practice, The ordinance 1361 was passed in 2012. There are no developments regarding the local cannabis law in the city. You can find the brief mention of the status in the news report. What is so definite that your MMJ card is an authoritative and a legal way to get access to your Marijuana Card.

From where you can get the Marijuana Card in your city

MMJ card allows its carriers to carry it and buy MMJ anywhere in California.  To buy your card in your city you need to have an evaluation done by a California licensed medical marijuana doctor. You can either physically visit the doctor or get the process done online. Visit the onlinemedicalcard.com to get 420 Evaluations.

Why you require a Medical marijuana card

You require a Medical marijuana card as legal aid for using medical marijuana.   You can carry your medical marijuana card anywhere. Besides, with the card you would save 25 %  tax and use the card anywhere in the state and get medical marijuana from any dispensary and even have it delivered in the State.

Things to do in City

Whether you like dining, shopping, or exploring the outdoors, you can find everything in this city. There is everything for everybody. Though it is small yet it has its own charm.

The Cow Palace

It is one of the city’s favorite spot and an arena that could be placed just right towards the border of the city. This place is a host to variety of shows, concerts, and events all through the year. So it is very imperative for you to first go through the local listing and see what is all there when you are in the town.

Serramonte Mall

If you want to enjoy shopping and the dinning, Serramonte Mall is a place  you would never skip to visit. It offers shops to select from, and whatever you have been looking forward to you would find it here. It is a favorite spot for the city dwellers.

Thornton Beach State Park

It is one of the best centers in Daly City. The park is located towards the strip of beach. It has walking trails on which people could take their evening walk and enjoy.  For the locals, it is one of the best places to enjoy their outdoor evening.

Off the Grid

It is a place to enjoy a fine American Culinary Tradition of food trucks.  This place operates on the weekly basis when rotating food trucks from all over the California region park here.  The place has a good sitting arrangement to dine and enjoy California’s best bites.


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