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With every passing day, medical marijuana proves to be the medical aid that healthcare and medicine desperately needed. It’s potential as a treatment for cancer, chronic pain, PTSD and insomnia are only a few of the many feathers on the cap. If you’ve had enough of living a life of struggle and poor health, take your first step towards medical marijuana by getting an online MMJ Card in California and experience the positive change in your life.

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What is an online MMJ Card?

An online MMJ Card (also known as a medical marijuana card) is an official document that stands as proof of your qualification as a medical marijuana consumer in the state of California. You can use your MMJ card to buy, consume and grow marijuana legally in the state.
For a long time, getting an medical card involved the long hassle of booking an appointment, waiting for the doctor to be free and visiting the clinic for consultation. But, times have changed. You live in an era where everything is at your fingertips, including getting a California MMJ card.
With the help of safe and secure telemedicine facilities, a patient considering to start a medical marijuana treatment can consult a doctor online and receive the MMJ card on their phone or email. No hassle involved.
In addition to allowing you easy access to marijuana all across California, an online MMJ card renders several privileges that are not applicable to a recreational cannabis consumer. So, visit Online Medical Card and apply for a consultation to feel the positive change in your life.

All You Need to Learn About a Weed Doctor

Why do You Need an MMJ Card in California?

You need an MMJ card in California to have easy and hassle-free access to medical marijuana across all dispensaries and online stores in the state. It’s also your answer to having legal security when buying, consuming, growing or traveling with medical marijuana in California.

Legal History of Medical Marijuana

One of the primary reasons why you need an MMJ card is the legal laws that surround the herb.
Marijuana has been in constant strife with legalities across the globe since ancient times. In the case of the United States, marijuana use has witnessed political interference from the beginning of the 20th century. It has been a ‘dangerous drug’ for almost 60 years. It has also been the primary reason for the incarceration of several innocent citizens. Despite such a complicated relationship with the laws, medical marijuana’s potential as a medicine shined through the restrictions. And as its popularity rose among the masses, different states came forward with laws for legalizing medical marijuana. With Proposition 215, California became the first state to head towards the path of legal medical marijuana use.
Despite 33 states legalizing medical marijuana in the US, the federal government includes marijuana in the Schedule 1 category and thus deems it illegal.
Considering such complicated legalities, a California MMJ card is your key to having legal security during a purchase or while using marijuana. According to the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP) initiated by the California Department of Public Health, an MMJ card will be the identity card that will register your information on an online database for easier access to the authorities.

Medical Marijuana’s Effects on The Body

The second important reason for getting an MMJ card in California is its effects on the body. Marijuana is a psychoactive herb. In simple words, it can manipulate your brain functions and impair your reflexes besides offering therapeutic benefits. In order to use it in a safe way to get the most benefit for your medical condition, you need to consult a professional who can access your condition and determine the best way marijuana can benefit you. If used without proper guidance, marijuana can have side effects. Getting a card helps you reach out to a trained physician.

What are the Benefits of an MMJ Card in California?

One of the biggest benefits of an MMJ Card in California is the fact that all the privileges that come with getting a medical card are only applicable to cardholders. Recreational marijuana consumers cannot take advantage of all the benefits that come with an MMJ card in CA.
Let’s talk about a few of these benefits that a medical patient enjoys with a medical card.

A medical marijuana patient can possess up to 8 ounces of marijuana at a time. That’s 8 times higher than the limit for recreational consumers. A higher limit is beneficial for medical patients to help them carry higher stocks in a single trip without having to come back frequently for restocks.

Like every other thing sold in the market, marijuana is also subjected to a number of government taxes that raise the final bill. But, the state marijuana laws exempt sales and use tax on every purchase for a person with a legit online MMJ card.

Using an MMJ card in a legal dispensary, a medical patient can get special discounts on every purchase. They also get to buy marijuana at a lower price than recreational marijuana.

While the legal age for marijuana consumption is 21 years, for patients with a legit MMJ card, the limit is lowered to 18 years. Technically, any medical patient with a doctor’s recommendation can use marijuana for medical purposes. This allows for even the underage patients to access the therapeutic benefits of the herb.

Medical marijuana patients do not have potency restrictions on marijuana. They have free access to all marijuana strains and products including the high potency types. However, a patient must consult their doctor before choosing a high potency marijuana product.

California hosts more than 1000 medical marijuana dispensaries. Access to these stores, in most cases, is only available for medical patients. With an MMJ Card, you can access any dispensary in California and buy the product you need.

Marijuana isn’t completely free of legal troubles. An online MMJ card is your key to mental peace and legal security for buying, consuming and growing marijuana in the state.

As per federal law, interstate travel with marijuana is an offense. But, it’s possible for a patient with a California MMJ card to travel with marijuana without any legal issues.


How to Get an MMJ Card Online?

All you need to do is follow three simple steps to get an MMJ card Online.

  • ✔ Register on the website and fill the prequalification form.
  • ✔ Complete an online consultation with a real doctor.
  • ✔ Receive a PDF of your MMJ card in your email.

After qualifying for a medical card, you can use your unique 7 character patient ID code provided by the medical professional to register officially with the California Medical Marijuana Program. It’s only an extra step that helps authorities to easily verify your card details online.
Online Medical Card is one of the reputed names in California with a successful history of medical marijuana services. With a perfect combination of a team of board-certified doctors and an HIPAA compliant online platform, we offer you a safe and secure online clinic to get medical solutions remotely.
Spare 15 minutes from your day and complete a face to face consultation with our doctors. They will evaluate every aspect of your problem and find the most effective solution. We strive to work to the best of our capabilities to render a smooth experience to your and leave no room for disappointments or complaints.
If medical marijuana can be your cure, we can help you get closer to it. Serving since 2001, we can assure that you will be satisfied with the treatment and experience the difference immediately. Get your medical card from us, today.

How to Get an MMJ Card Near Me?

If you are searching for an ‘MMJ card near me’ there’s no need to go beyond your doorstep. With Online Medical Card, you get the guidance of professionals at home. They will evaluate your medical condition to give you the best treatment possible.
Telemedicine has helped us provide medical services remotely to every part of California. Whether you are a medical patient in Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose or Santa Ana, we can get board-certified doctors for you at your home. Apply for a California MMJ card online and get the solution to your medical needs in a convenient and hassle free way.
At the time of the pandemic, there’s nothing more important than staying safe. So, if you need an MMJ card in California during such times, visit Online Medical Card and get yours today from the safety of your home.

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MMJ Card Requirements in CA are very straightforward and flexible compared to other states. If you are a medical patient who can benefit from marijuana, you can apply for a medical card online.
According to the marijuana laws of CA, the following criterions are the primary requirements to get an MMJ card in California online:

  • ✔ You must be 18 years or older.
  • ✔ You must have a state-residency proof.
  • ✔ Your medical condition should qualify according to the marijuana laws.
  • ✔ A valid government-issued photo ID proof.
  • ✔ Residency proof.

The qualifying conditions are different in every state based on the medical marijuana program they follow. As per the California medical marijuana program, you are eligible to get an MMJ card if any of the following applies to you:

  • ✔ HIV/AIDS
  • ✔ Cancer
  • ✔ Cachexia
  • ✔ Migraines
  • ✔ Severe Nausea
  • ✔ Anorexia
  • ✔ Chronic Pain
  • ✔ Arthritis
  • ✔ Muscle Spasms
  • ✔ Glaucoma
  • ✔ Multiple Sclerosis
  • ✔ Any condition that hinders the patient’s major everyday activities (eating, sleeping, walking etc.) as per the Americans With Disabilities Act, 1990.
  • ✔ Conditions that can severely risk the mental and physical well being of the patient.

Getting an MMJ Card online is easier than ever. But, even if the process has become remote and convenient, you have to qualify to get one for yourself. Make sure that you check all the boxes to qualify for an MMJ card in California and get yours in no time from the Online Medical Card website.

Medical marijuana’s therapeutic properties are beneficial for adults and minors alike. While the law states the legal age for medical marijuana consumption as 18 years, under 18 patients can also get an MMJ card and use marijuana if they are eligible.

To get an Online MMJ Card for Under 18 patients, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • ✔ Find a legal caregiver (21 years and above).
  • ✔ Register the legal caregiver with the California medical marijuana program.
  • ✔ Consult a licensed doctor.
  • ✔ Get an MMJ letter from a legit online clinic.

A doctor has the sole discretion over whether or not a minor will get an MMJ card or not. If the minor is suffering from a debilitating medical condition and has gone through every other possible treatment for the same without any improvement, a doctor will allow the patient to start with a medical marijuana treatment.
In addition to getting a recommendation, it is crucial for the under 18 patient to have a legal caregiver who is 21 years or older. A caregiver is the one registered in the online database of the Medical Marijuana Program of California and goes through with all the formalities involved with getting an MMJ card. They are also responsible for buying medical marijuana for the minor and administering the doses everyday. They can also grow marijuana for the patient at home. It’s not necessary for a caregiver to be a parent or relative but they should be close enough with the patient to oversee the treatment of the minor.
Getting a medical card for minors involves more care and restrictions because of the lack of research on how medical marijuana can affect developing brains. However, for younger patients with severe medical conditions, the pros of medical marijuana outweigh the cons. So, if an under 18 patient can benefit from an MMJ card, you can apply for one online and start the treatment.

Now that technology and medical services have come together with telemedicine, getting an MMJ card has become easier and more convenient with online platforms. You don’t have to think twice about applying for a medical card. No more hassle of waiting for appointments and finding time to visit the doctor. Today, you can consult your doctor through your laptop or phone screens and get your card on the same day. Everything without leaving your home.
To make the process smoother and more convenient, it’s always best to learn about a few things before applying for an Online MMJ card. Here’s a list of all the important points that can help you make a start.

  • ✔ Learn the basics about medical marijuana. For instance, how it affects the body, marijuana strains, delivery methods etc.
  • ✔ Medical marijuana laws of California.
  • ✔ Key elements to look for in an online MMJ card.
  • ✔ Learn to find a legit online clinic.
  • ✔ A list of questions you can ask your marijuana doctor.

A little preparedness before getting started with a consultation always helps understand the details better. You will avoid feeling confused and pay attention to the instructions of the doctor.

All practicing doctors registered with the California Government and those who hold a valid license are eligible to write an MMJ Card online. However, it is also important that your doctor is qualified to write you a recommendation letter for your medical marijuana treatment.
A marijuana doctor is not very different from a regular medical professional. They are also practitioners who can be specialists in any field such as psychology, oncology etc. The difference however, lies in the fact that a medical marijuana doctor is acquainted with the scientific research, rules and regulations and every important aspect related to medical marjuana. They are qualified to write recommendations for a patient after careful evaluations and even prepare a safe and effective treatment plan. So, your primary caregiver, family doctor or a personal therapist can write you an online MMJ card in California provided that you qualify as a patient.
Every marijuana doctor is authorized to write a recommendation and not a prescription. That’s because marijuana is not federally approved medicine. So, a doctor cannot technically prescribe medical marijuana to a patient. However, they can recommend marijuana for a patient who can benefit with its therapeutic properties only after careful evaluation according to the state laws.

Are Online MMJ Cards Legit?

Yes, online MMJ cards are legit and safe. But, before you apply for a medical card online, it is very important to know the legitimacy of the online clinic or doctor because all counties in the State of California only accept legit MMJ cards from licensed professionals.
With the advent of telemedicine, it has become easier for the patients and health providers to connect and find solutions to health problems. However, the same ease and convenience has also made it easier for fraudulent services to spring up and scam people in the name of providing MMJ cards online.
For this reason, it is crucial that patients are aware of how to find legit doctors and online clinics and get the services they want without the fear of getting scammed.

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How to Get a Legitimate MMJ Card Online?

While telemedicine is an easy and quick solution to getting marijuana treatment, it’s also easy to fall into the trap of illegal online clinics. So, you must learn how to find a legitimate source online.

Here’s how you can get a legitimate MMJ card online:

  • ✔ The doctor should have a valid license.
  • ✔ The clinic should have a real, physical location with established history in medical marijuana.
  • ✔ You must talk to a real doctor during consultation.
  • ✔ The website should be HIPAA compliant.
  • ✔ 24×7 customer support.
  • ✔ No claims for cheap prices.
  • ✔ The MMJ card should have all the key elements.

When you get your service, in this case a medical card, online, you should be able to identify whether it is legit or not. Look for the following points to ensure the legitimacy of your online MMJ card:

  • ✔ Written on the physician’s letterhead.
  • ✔ Name and signature of the doctor.
  • ✔ License number of the doctor.
  • ✔ Patient’s name.
  • ✔ Date of issuance and expiry.
  • ✔ Verified address proof of the doctor or clinic (no P.O. Box allowed).
  • ✔ Complete details about the condition and how marijuana can help the patient get better.

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to get an MMJ card online in California, there is no better option than Online Medical Card. We check all the boxes mentioned above and ensure that you get only the best medical services. Our online platform is HIPAA compliant so all your private health information is safe and not accessible to any third party. To make the decision easier for you, we also offer 100 % money back guarantee to all our patients. If you qualify, you get your letter on the same day. If you don’t, we give you a 100% refund without any questions.

Do Online MMJ Cards Expire?

Yes, Online MMJ cards expire. According to the California marijuana laws, a medical card is valid for a year since its date of issuance. After your card expires, you need to get a renewal to continue enjoying the privileges of an MMJ card in CA.
The validity of a medical card varies according to laws of different states. But, you can check the validity of your card on your recommendation. A legit online MMJ card contains the date of issuance and expiry. When your card is about to expire, you can apply for a renewal online.

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How to Get an MMJ Card Renewal Online?

You can get an MMJ card Renewal Online with these steps:

  • ✔ Register on Online Medical Card.
  • ✔ Fill the details in your renewal form.
  • ✔ Complete your consultation with a doctor.
  • ✔ Get your renewed MMJ Card online on your email.

Getting a renewal for an MMJ card online is as easy as applying for one. As soon as you fill the form, you will get a call from one of the doctors and go through the evaluation process. It is easy and quick. Connect with Online Medical Card, 30 days prior to your date of expiry and we will provide you with a renewed card within the same day. Even if you did not get your card from us, we will give you a quick and convenient renewal. So, apply today.

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In light of the COVID pandemic, we advise all our patients to see a doctor online instead of visiting the clinic.