Cannabis and Menstruation

On the Mend with Cannabis: The Menstrual Pain Reliever - August 02, 2017

Dreading the days till your next menstruation?

Suffering through painful periods is now a thing of the past.

Menstruation should be a time to be one with your body rather than being an extremely uncomfortable and painful experience every month. Over 90% of women suffer from discomfort during their menses and a whopping 30% suffer extreme pain during their cycle. This has not only has a crippling effect on their bodies but also reduces their mobility and freedom. Women often complain about an inability to do certain necessary activities like going to work or school, carrying out basic daily chores, etc. during their menstrual cycle.

Cannabis and Menstruation

We need only look into the past and see that nature has already provided us with a natural and healthy solution, cannabis. Even Queen Victoria, way back in the 1800s acknowledged the medicinal benefits and used it to treat her symptoms monthly.

In this fast-paced modern world, pharmaceutical drugs are looked to as the ultimate solution, but this is not true, as cannabis has helped many women relive their pain instantly.

Actress and entrepreneur Whoopi Goldberg has spoken out about how pills like Advil shouldn’t be consumed every day and how they can also severely take a toll on the body. This is why Maya and Whoopi created the all-natural period survival kit.

Make sure you know about the prevalent State Laws on the procurement, consumption, and growth of medical and recreational cannabis in your state.

How it works

The Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present in cannabis are vital to relieving pain during the menstrual cycle and can treat the symptoms of postmenstrual syndrome(PMS) as well.THC relieves pain by blocking the pain signals being sent out to the nerves.

CBD, on the other hand, is milder; it will slowly spread in the body relieving the stress and soreness in other local areas of the body. It does not give the user a euphoric kickstart, which is why it is gaining popularity among women today. Furthermore, through selective breeding techniques, the levels of THC have been radically reduced while maintaining high levels of CBD in the product.

Know the best treatment options

There are many different ways to treat yourself with medical cannabis, so choose wisely the option that best suits your needs.

  • The widely accepted and most popular method is smoking.
  • Using a vaporizer can be a much healthier option and it helps to enrich the taste and experience of the flower as well.
  • It can also be infused into your diet via oils, drinks, and edibles. There are many innovative recipes available on the internet to help you out.
  • Cannabis tampons can be used as traditional tampons and they affect the body very quickly, easing the pain for a longer period of time.
  • Applying balms, oils and lotions have also had a great success rate in relieving pain among many women today. You simply have to apply the product to the lower abdomen.

It can really be this simple!

Find a method and a product that works for you. Cannabis will give you the freedom and mobility that you crave during your menstrual cycle. Never again will you be filled with dread, disgust, or have any stress when your periods are around the corner. You can now enjoy your menstruation instead of being crippled by it.

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