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Ever since the legalization of marijuana in California, the industry has been on a rise. Especially in Los Angeles, the marijuana stigma is removed as for a lot of people the herb has become an essential medication. In order to access medical marijuana, a patient needs to get evaluated from licensed medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles and receive a recommendation. That is why medical marijuana doctors are an essential part of this industry. So, when you are looking for a physician in the city, it is important you do it right. With telemedicine the process of getting 420 evaluations has certainly become easier and more convenient but that has also given a chance for fraudulent doctors and clinics to scam patients. For this purpose it is important that you find legitimate medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles. That is where we come in.

List of Medical Marijuana Doctors in Los Angeles

Online MMJ Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles

Phone: 323-676-1048

Online Medica Card

Location: Santa Ana

Phone: (866) 360-5652

medical marijuana card anaheim

Location: Anaheim

Phone: (657) 242-3334


Who Can Provide Medical Marijuana Recommendations in Los Angeles?

For a recommendation to be considered legit, the doctor must be licensed by the state authority. Here are the healthcare professionals that can provide you a legitimate medical marijuana recommendation.

  • ✔ A physician licensed from the state medical authorities.
  • ✔ Healthcare provider practicing in the state.
  • ✔ A nurse practitioner.
  • ✔ Any medical health professional certified by the California Board of Podiatric Medicine (CBPM).

Ideally, a recommendation must be written on the letterhead of the physician and must mention the license number and contact information of the health professional. Also, the doctor must have a clinic with verifiable physical address. Most online physicians have a PO box but without any verifiable physical address. In other words, do not trust a physician that has no physical clinic.

Perks of Getting a Recommendation From a Doctor in Los Angeles

In the past few years, medical marijuana has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness in managing a wide range of health conditions. A recommendation allows patients to access marijuana in Los Angeles to manage their health condition. Recreational marijuana is also legal in Los Angeles and can be accessed without any recommendation. However, the products available for recreational use are limited in terms of variety and potency. That is why if a person is looking to manage their health, getting a recommendation is a wise decision. Also, a medical user is allowed to possess about 8 times more than that of recreational users. Beyond all these perks, medical users also have to pay less to purchase their favorite MMJ products as the state provides tax relaxations and several special discounts.

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Talk to a Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor in Los Angeles

Getting evaluations from medical marijuana doctors has become easier and more convenient with the advent of telemedicine. That means you can have face-to-face consultations with health professionals online via video call.

Here is how to talk to medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles:

  • ✔ Get connected to a medical marijuana doctor online through video call.
  • ✔ Share your medical history and health concerns.
  • ✔ Talk about your medical condition, symptoms, and lifestyle.
  • ✔ Be as detailed as possible so the doctor understands your health and requirements.
  • ✔ Upon approval, you will receive the recommendation via email.

Whenever talking to a medical marijuana physician, it is essential that you share all your medical details without censoring anything. The more expressive you are, the better the physician will understand your condition.

So, are you ready to get the answers to all your medical marijuana concerns? Talk to licensed medical marijuana doctors in Los Angeles and get the expertise you are looking for.