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Medical Marijuana: Best Aid to Overcome Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption and Crime Rates - March 29, 2018

Scientists have proved this so-called drug, known as Marijuana has a medicinal value and is a cure for stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, diseases, and ailments. In fact, people in the legalized states are also using it to get relief from Anxiety Disorders (AD) with satisfaction.

The medicinal use of Marijuana for this mental condition was first discovered in 1563 when Portuguese physician Garcia de Orta declared its calming and hypnotic effect. In fact, Canadian studies have found that patients who had been consuming Marijuana were able to quit benzodiazepines, a most common drug for anxiety disorder, but which has the high potentiality of its abuse. Marijuana also helps people who were affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some experts even believe that by consuming this herb, patients often forget the terrible memories of the past.

We can say anxiety is normal behavior in human beings. You could feel anxious when you are making the crucial decision of your life or faced any untoward incident. But a person having an anxiety disorder, the situation can get worse, and this feeling can impede their daily activities like job performance and relationships. There are many types of anxiety disorder like panic disorder, and social disorder, with each having social implications. People suffering from anxiety are also seen to possess the criminal tendency, which leads to the increase in the crime rate and alcohol consumption.

Anxiety Disorder and the Crime Rate

There is also sufficient evidence of linking the anxiety disorder with the crime rate. Around two-thirds of the prisoners are found to have the lifetime anxiety disorder, even before they turn 16. The situation is very grave. Though there is not much difference in the number of convictions between prisoners found affected with Anxiety Disorder and those without it, but AD prisoners have been offenders of serious crimes.

How Medical Marijuana Reduces the Crime Rate?

Studies by the University of Texas in 50 US States, including 11 legalized Marijuana States concluded that the medical marijuana played a significant role in reducing the crime rate. That means patient using MMJ for treating anxiety disorder are less likely to commit crimes.

Marijuana Helps in Reduction of Alcohol Consumption

Many people start consuming alcohol to overcome their anxiety problems. As it is an anti-depressant and has a sedative effect, people use it to normalize themselves. As the BAC level increases, an alcohol consumed person feel mentally relaxed, in fact, many uses it to reduce stress in their lives. But anxiety often backfires and is caused by intensive drinking. Alcohol also leads to violence, impaired driving, and other criminal-sanctioned behavior. A survey reveals that medical marijuana reduces the violent tendency of the person who drinks.

So MMJ controls the anxiety disorder among people.  Quite often sufferers feel that they have only one choice, either live in low self-esteem or get recluse from alcohol. Unfortunately, many opt for later, and then the tendency of self-destruction starts, including taking to crime.  In this case, neurological motivations play its part, which induces this affected section of the human society to indulge in violent acts.

If people consume Marijuana with medical recommendations, it will control anxiety disorder, which would ultimately decrease the criminal tendency among people and reduce the crime rate.


Online Medical Card Team

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