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Making The Best CBD Oil For Your Medical Needs - August 14, 2018

CBD oil is an extremely dynamic medicine. So dynamic that patients turn to the extract for relief from everything from anxiety to epilepsy to cancer. It has significant medical benefits that have proven to be essential for human health. CBD is used for treating anxiety, pain, loss of appetite, back pain, epilepsy, and a number of ailments.

Making your own CBD oil is not that hard. CBD oil can cost you a considerable amount of money in any dispensary and you may not even have access to exactly what you’re looking for. So, making it yourself turns out to be much easier than you might think.

CBD oil is extremely popular in several states such as Miami, Jacksonville, etc.

Here’s how you can make the best CBD oil for your medical needs

Making CBD oil using a boiler or a rice cooker is one of the easiest methods. When making the oil, be sure about the quality of cannabis. The quality of the resultant oil will be better if you’ll use a better quality of cannabis. Make sure to use top-grade cannabis buds for the best results and completely dry the cannabis in an oven at a temperature of 110ºC (230ºF).

Opting for organic cannabis is highly recommended. You can use marijuana seeds like white rhino seeds to grow your own organic cannabis. Organic cannabis also contains high quantities of terpenes. Terpenes are basically the flavor and aroma molecules found in cannabis plants. Like cannabinoids, terpenes also have a variety of health benefits. Your goal should be to make a product that is extremely rich and abundant with healing compounds.

To get started with the preparation if CBD oil, you are going to need a few things:

  1. One ounce of cannabis. (You can also include the small stems and fan leaves.)
  2. Food-Safe Alcohol
  3. Boiler or a Rice Cooker
  4. A Glass or Ceramic Mixing Bowl
  5. A Cheesecloth
  6. A Wooden Spoon
  7. A Silicone Spatula
  8. A Mixing Cup or Container
  9. Sterile Syringes
  10. Cooking Thermometer
  11. Parchment paper


Making cannabis oil can be a little complicated. To be safe while preparing it, make sure your workspace is very neat and clean. Wipe down all the countertops with water and remove anything that could possibly get in your way. In preparation for the worst-case scenario, make sure to have a fire extinguisher within your reach.

Open all the windows and switch on one household fan to make sure the air is well ventilated. This is essential for safety while making your extraction. The probable danger of heating this extraction is an explosion, so try to do this outside if you can. Also, use non-latex gloves for your hands. These will help protect you from any burns from splashbacks.


Using high proof-alcohol as a solvent leaves you with nothing but pure, extremely concentrated cannabis oil as an end result.

Follow the steps mentioned below to perform the extraction

  1. Add the cannabis into the glass bowl.
  2. Pour the alcohol into the same bowl, enough to completely cover up the plant.
  3. Stir the cannabis with a large-sized wooden spoon continuously for a few minutes. This will mix the cannabinoids with the alcohol.


Now, you have to strain out the plant material from the solvent using the steps below:

  1. Cover up your measuring cup or container with cheesecloth. You can also use a clean nylon stocking in place of the cheesecloth if you want.
  2. Pour the cannabis over the top to strain the plant materials from the alcohol.
  3. Pour the cannabis mixture over the cheesecloth into the second container.
  4. Squeeze out the remaining liquid from the cheesecloth.

The first soak removes the majority of the cannabinoids, while the second soak gets the rest. Follow the steps below for the second soak:

  1. Take the strained plant material and empty it back into the glass mixing bowl.
  2. Pour more alcohol over the top until the plant is fully submerged into it.
  3. Stir continuously with a wooden spoon for a few minutes.
  4. Repeat the straining process and empty the second batch of alcohol into the container.


After performing the basic alcohol extraction, you have to burn off the remaining alcohol. Use a rice cooker or a boiler for completing this process.

After the boiling part is over, use a silicone spatula to remove the cannabis oil from the boiler.  Gently scrape off the cannabis oil onto some parchment paper.

When the oil has cooled down, you can draw your cannabis medicine into your syringe for proper dosing. A syringe can also be used to fill empty capsules to make your own cannabis pills.

Ensure to make purchases from reliable dispensaries under the guidance of medical marijuana doctors in Tampa or Florida.

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