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Looking For a Cannabis Card? Make The Most Out of Our Special Offers! - September 08, 2020

We live in an era of medical cannabis. Millions of people across the globe can account for the immense medical potential of this green herb known as cannabis or medical marijuana. The United States has been a major flagbearer of this huge evolution of cannabis from a gateway drug to a ‘medicine of the future.’ So why would you want to be left behind in such progressive times? You deserve a life of health and happiness and if cannabis can fulfill that then go for it. Get yourself a cannabis card and don’t wait anymore to experience a change in your quality of life. Need more proof? Read along to know why you need a cannabis card and how to get one at the best price.

What Does a Cannabis Card Offer You?

Getting a cannabis card online is a matter of health. And no one likes to be careless in decisions related to their own body. So it is more than likely that you may have second thoughts about getting a cannabis card. Or even wonder if it is worth spending time, money, and effort into sitting for a consultation when an ID card could also suffice in a dispensary. Well, I can assure you that getting a cannabis card is a smart step. Why smart? The following points will clear your doubts.


A cannabis card is like your VIP access into the world of cannabis. A long list of privileges waits for you on the other side. And the only way to reach them is with a legit cannabis card from a board-certified doctor. Excited to learn of the many benefits you can enjoy with a cannabis card? Here we go.


Who doesn’t like saving some extra cash? Even people who aren’t open about it like to see some dollars back in their wallets. And when you are a cannabis cardholder, saving is an exclusive advantage for you.


Every state with a medical marijuana program exempts cannabis cardholders from paying any sales and use tax on a cannabis purchase. How much do you think you can save from this exemption? Up to 28 percent more compared to recreational cannabis! And that’s just from the tax exemption. With a cannabis card, you can avail of many discounts and special prices on different cannabis products. Talk about big money savings!


Cannabis has evolved into thousands of different strains and products. Each comes with its own set of health benefits. Now, there’s no point in having such variety when you cannot access it all. The California government does not allow recreational cannabis to exceed the potency of 1000mg THC per packet or container. Also, people who use recreational cannabis cannot enter a medical-only dispensary without a cannabis card. It’s a large number of cannabis strains and dispensaries that are no longer accessible to you. Getting a medical cannabis card can help you with all such restrictions. The potency limit increases to 2000 mg per packet/container or is flexible as recommended by your cannabis doctor. And you can enter any dispensary you like.

Flexibility in Limitations

Limitations exist for both recreational and medical cannabis. But get a cannabis card and you’ll be able to see a huge difference. For example, a medical cannabis consumer can possess 8 times more cannabis than recreational consumers and grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis at home. Also, the legal age for consuming recreational cannabis is 21 years whereas, for medical consumers, the limit is lowered to 18 years.

Legal Security

Using or buying cannabis often creates a sense of fear of getting arrested or being stopped for questioning. Considering the past surrounding this green herb, such anxiousness is obvious. But, with a cannabis card, you wouldn’t have to worry anymore. Buy, use, and even grow cannabis without any lingering fear of the authorities. Even if you are stopped for interrogation, you can show your medical card and be free to leave.

Don’t Wait. Get Your Medical Cannabis Recommendation Today!

Considering the medical potential of cannabis and the unending perks of being a registered medical cannabis consumer, there’s no reason to wait anymore. You are just one step away from having the quality life that you’ve always imagined for yourself. With a click, you can finally have an effective solution to your medical needs. No more swallowing pills, no more side effects, and no more monotony in life. So get your laptop or phone and receive your recommendation within a few minutes. And the best part is that you don’t even have to go on a hunt for a clinic you can trust. We are at your service.

Why Get Your Cannabis Card From us?

If you are ready to get a cannabis card, then allow us to kickstart your journey to a healthy life. We know that there are many other clinics that provide services for a cannabis card. So what makes us different? Why should you choose us? Because we genuinely care for you. Along with ensuring you receive the best services from the top professionals in the state, we always have some special offers to cheer you up.

New Recommendation or Card

Getting a medical card from us is as simple as ABC. All you have to do is provide all your details in the prequalification form and wait for your consultation with one of our doctors. Once you are connected for your online consultation, the doctor will evaluate your condition and give your time to clear any queries. After clearing the 420 evaluations, you will receive your medical card on your email which can be used immediately.


Special Offer: The usual price of a new recommendation or medical card is $79. But you can apply now and avail of the service at $59 only. A solution to your medical needs at a very affordable price. Don’t let the deal slide.

Cannabis Card Renewal

A cannabis card has an expiry date. As per the laws of the state you live in, you will have to get a renewal of your cannabis card one or two years after the date of issuance if you wish to continue enjoying all the perks. But don’t worry, renewal is just as simple and quick as getting a new card. Fill the form, complete the consultation, and just like that your renewal is successful.


Special Offer: For a card renewal from us, you can get a discount of 14 percent. So for a $45 renewal, you just have to pay $39.

Growers License

Do you know that you can grow up to 100 square feet of cannabis at home? You can have an unlimited supply of cannabis and save money from regular restocking. Yes, it is possible but only with a growers license. Sit at home and receive yours from the experts at our clinic.


Special Offer: By getting your growers license from us, you can grow cannabis at your home at a price of $225 (original price is $249). That’s an affordable price for an unlimited supply of cannabis at your home.


It’s your time to find a permanent solution to your medical condition. Cannabis has helped millions and it can help you too. All you need is a cannabis card from a medical professional. So end your search here and take advantage of all our services at special prices today!

Online Medical Card Team

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