Difference between Synthetic Cannabis and Real Cannabis

How to Differentiate between Synthetic Cannabis and Real Cannabis - May 01, 2018

You may have heard that cannabis has a lot of health benefits, and you may want to experience some of these benefits. However, beware, if you are a new cannabis user as you may fall prey to synthetic cannabis. Recently, synthetic cannabis products are being marketed as natural cannabis-like compounds, but they are highly dangerous for consumption. First of all, let’s explain what synthetic cannabis is.

What is Synthetic Cannabinoid?

Synthetic cannabinoid was manufactured under a laboratory condition. After a few years, it found its way into the US market. It is a chemical analog that binds the same system of receptors. Like real cannabis, synthetic cannabis also binds CB1 receptors in the brain to produce a high effect but with higher affinity. These can be 2 to 100 times more potent than THC.

The Health Department has reported that synthetic cannabis leads to serious and fatal issues like seizures, paranoia, hallucinations, and even a heart attack. They are usually marketed as “potpourri,” and are available in the market, known by different names like, “Lit K2”, “Spice,” and “Black Mamba”.

Despite knowing the dangers in synthetic cannabis consumption, most new cannabis users often end up buying it unintentionally because they are not able to differentiate it from the real cannabis.

“Read along to know “How to differentiate between synthetic and real cannabis”.

How it looks

First and foremost, before you buy a cannabis, make sure you have checked it out properly. Generally, real cannabis is leafy and has stems, usually sold as fresh buds, whereas synthetic cannabis come in small packets. Usually, synthetic cannabis is made up of different plants and looks like a mixture of more than one plant.

Smell it

If you are an experienced Cannabis user, it is possible that you are familiar with the real scent of cannabis. So, just sniff your cannabis and if it doesn’t have that fresh distinct smell then discard it completely. On the other hand, synthetic cannabis is said to have a strange aroma with strong chemical undertones.


If you live in a State where cannabis is legal then always buy it from trusted dispensaries. Moreover, reputable dispensaries would not sell synthetic cannabis products to their buyers. Synthetic cannabis is usually sold online, in gas stations and shady head shops. Refrain from buying cannabis from any illegal place. Synthetic cannabis is gaining popularity because it is cheaper than real cannabis. Don’t go for price instead go for quality as it can cost you your life when all you are considering is the price.As medical cannabis practitioners, we advise against synthetic cannabis in general.

However, you can always grow your own cannabis without compromising quality. To grow cannabis you require Grower’s License. A Grower’s License gives you the legal permission to grow up to 99 plants. Onlinemedicalcard.com provides you with a Grower’s license to grow cannabis so that you can have a sufficient amount of cannabis that can fulfill your medical requirements.

If you suspect that accidentally you or your friend has consumed synthetic cannabis then you should reach out to the nearest physician at the earliest time possible so that further complications can be avoided.

Online Medical Card Team

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