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Finding Ways To Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help - June 28, 2020

Cannabis sales still continue to surge. Surprisingly, it’s something the pandemic could not defeat. While people practice social distancing, sunbath on the beach, sanitize the house. Some have elected to consume marijuana to deal with the situation. Also, given the fact that there are more than 3 million medical marijuana users in the US. Perhaps it is safe to say that the cannabis industry is flourishing. After all, an astounding amount of people are purchasing cannabis to relieve stress. 


While people are standing in queues to get a handful of cannabis buds, the questions regarding cannabis therapeutic benefits stirred up in the media. For instance, patients very often ask their 420 doctors can cannabis really help cure anxiety? How can marijuana provide relief from the symptoms of depression? These questions have driven scientists, researchers to study the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. However, the substantiality of cannabis for medical use still hangs by a thread. So, can medical marijuana help you fight anxiety during the pandemic? This is something we will help you learn in this write up below.


What Does The Research Say?

Anxiety is often used as a blanket term to describe uncomfortable feelings. Such feelings take an individual on an emotional roller coaster. The feelings may vary from individual to individual, but they all develop due to a trigger. The triggers can range anywhere from large crowds to a traumatic past experience. And given the situation we currently face. It is perhaps safe to say that most people will feel anxious, depressed, and stressed. It is almost impossible to feel okay all the time during the quarantine. In fact, normal individuals also can feel a little anxious during these crucial times. The reason why the CDC issued guidelines regarding stress management during the pandemic. 

Analysis of The Study


For now, it is vital to fight the symptoms of anxiety. And looks like medical cannabis can help you. To prove how cannabis can help you fight anxiety here is a study published in 2015. According to this study, CBD can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. If a patient suffering from anxiety shows behaviors associated with SDA, OCD, PTSD, PD, and GAD. The study suggested that cannabis can also help alleviate these symptoms. 


The study went on to say that it is scientifically possible to treat anxiety with cannabis. And the same happens due to cannabis successful interaction with the natural receptors. When CBD interacts with the receptors in the brain, a chemical reaction takes place. The chemical reaction is an anxiolytic action. The action depends on the reaction of a CB1R receptor in the human brain. When this reaction takes place the patient suffering from anxiety and pain experiences relief. So, showing that CBD may be quite helpful in the treatment of anxiety and its related disorders. 

In addition, the authors of the study also revealed that THC, too, can assist in the treatment of anxiety. However, in the case of THC, you have to bear the dosing guide in mind. Because even a slight high dose can cause the effects to reverse. This is to say that you have to consume marijuana for anxiety under medical supervision. For the same, you can get in touch with a 420 doctor and have a face-to-face consultation. The doctor will help you find out which dose works best for your mental health condition. 


Current Evidence on Marijuana For Anxiety

Last year a study was published in The Permanente Journal. The study was not a lab experiment but a clinical trial conducted on 72 individuals. The subjects of the study were small. But it helped the authors study the efficiency of cannabis in the treatment of anxiety. The trial lasted for a few months. The results of the first month showed significant changes in the behavior of anxiety patients. For instance, the anxiety score improved in 79 percent of the patients and stated the same for 3 months. Plus, 48% of the patients reported improvement in sleep without any side effects. 


Cannabis Can Be The Solution To Your Pandemic Anxiety


Several news articles and editorial talk about how Americans are binge buying cannabis to deal with bouts of anxiety during these crucial times. With the rise in cannabis use questions regarding its safe use have also cropped up. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that cannabis can help fight the symptoms of anxiety. In fact, cannabis is known for its ability to help patients relax. This is the reason why most people find comfort, happiness while using cannabis. And it is no surprise that thousands of patients tear their anxiety with cannabis. 

The only concern that hovers the minds of scientists is its long and short-term effects. You see, cannabis provides temporary relief. And long term use of cannabis is often associated with side effects. This also means that long-term cannabis may actually worsen the symptoms of anxiety. After all slowly and steadily a patient begins to develop a dependence on cannabis. This, in turn, prevents the person’s natural ability to fight the medical condition. Simply put, cannabis can help relieve anxiety for a short while. But the risk of dependence and false behavior increases over time. Patients start using cannabis as an excuse to run away from the harsh reality. And develop a medical condition called false safety behavior. So, let’s delve deeper and learn a little about false safety behaviors. 


Ask Your 420 Doctor About Development of False Safety Behaviors In Anxiety Patients


FSB or false safety behavior helps analyze the medical condition of anxiety patients. Particularly those who take medications to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. To help you understand the concept of false safety behavior, here’s another study. The study included 77 patients using medical cannabis for the treatment of anxiety. The study showed that patients with severe anxiety develop false safety behaviors easily. Although patients with mild anxiety did not develop FSB. 


Simply put, patients with severe anxiety develop a habit of using marijuana. Which, in turn, is not good for the long run. The results also showed that safety behaviors develop more in PTSD patients. This also means that the regular use of cannabis is not good. The patients may develop increased dependencies over a short span of time. So, one has to be mindful while taking cannabis for clinical anxiety. It may be a very good idea to talk to a Medical Marijuana Doctor before heading out to a dispensary.


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