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How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow in California With a Cannabis Card? - January 28, 2021

Over the years, cannabis has come forward as a miracle drug that has the capability to treat a wide array of ailments. With its advent as a medication, millions of people around the world have begun cannabis treatment to manage their health conditions.

And as much as it is preferred as a medication over prescribed pharmaceuticals, medical patients with a cannabis card are also looking forward to growing cannabis in their homes to cut the costs and hassle of restocking the herb. After all, it’s a more convenient and easy way to access their medication. Also, when you have the option to grow your medicine, why wouldn’t you try it, right?

But, considering the legal stance of cannabis, there is a lot of confusion regarding the laws for growing cannabis. Every state has a limit to the number of plants that you can grow at a time and how it can be used.

So, let me clear the air around such limitations in the state of California.

Is Cannabis Cultivation Legal in California?

Yes, cannabis cultivation is legal in California. The State Government passed Proposition 64:The Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act and Proposition 215: The Compassionate Use Act, which legally allows the citizens of California and patients with a cannabis card to grow cannabis at home for personal use.

It’s no new news that both recreational and medical cannabis is legal in California. With the state government being so tolerant of the green herb, legalizing the cultivation of cannabis is something that was expected. However, while growing cannabis is legal, it’s not completely free from the rules and regulations such as the one we will be discussing here- the growing limit.

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow With a Cannabis Card?

A straightforward answer to this question would be that if you are of legal age, you can legally grow 6 mature cannabis plants in California. However, the limits for growing cannabis changes when we compare recreational and medical cannabis consumers. Let’s take a look.

Recreational Cannabis Consumers

As per Proposition 64 of the California government, every citizen of California who is 21 years or older is legally allowed to grow cannabis in their homes. The limit is set to 6 mature cannabis plants per parcel of land.

Other states increase the limit on the number of plants based on their growing stage. In California, you can only have 6 plants at a time irrespective of the stage your plant may be in. This law does not extend to every individual within the premises. Whether you live by yourself or with other cannabis consumers, you can only have 6 plants within your premises.

Medical Cannabis Consumers

In addition to Proposition 64, medical cannabis consumers in California who are 18 years or older are given the liberty to grow as many cannabis plants as their medical condition requires. If you are approved by a licensed doctor for cannabis treatment, you can have 6 mature or 12 immature plants in your home. But, it’s imperative that you have a legit cannabis card by a cannabis doctor that is no more than 365 days old.

License to Grow 99 Plants

If 6 or 12 cannabis plants are not sufficient for your medical condition, you can ask a licensed mental health professional to give you a license to grow 99 plants. You can use telemedicine to connect to a doctor and ask them to examine your medical condition. If approved, you’ll receive your license in your email.

Now, a license to grow 99 plants does not necessarily mean that you can have 99 cannabis plants in your home. But, it does imply that you can grow more than 12 cannabis plants within your premises. The doctor will write the number of plants that you can grow using your license. That number will be your limit.

Points to Remember for Growing Cannabis in California

Before you go ahead and start your own cannabis harvest, make sure that you keep the following points in mind:

  • You can grow cannabis in confined indoor spaces only.
  • Cannabis growing laws can differ in counties.
  • If you live in a rented property, your landlord may prohibit you from growing or even smoke cannabis.
  • Going beyond the legal limit can lead to criminal prosecution.
  • You cannot use the cannabis harvest of your plants to make a profit. It’s meant for personal use only.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a cannabis card in California, go ahead and begin your own little cannabis harvest.

Online Medical Card Team

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