Can Medical Marijuana Help in the Treatment of PTSD? - October 07, 2021

Outside turmoil almost always results in some form of internal trauma. This statement is backed by the statistics done on the American population, which predict that about 15 million adults supposedly suffer from PTSD in any given year. Thus, in a world that is so riddled with different mental health disorders owing to personal, professional, and natural reasons, nobody can ever deny the urgency for new forms of medical therapy. This then calls for the need to propose alternative medicine solutions like medical marijuana in the way of treatment for all such disorders, especially one as common as PTSD.

For the same, medical marijuana and PTSD have been equated to exactly find out whether it can help to alleviate the symptoms of this disorder in people. Let us then have a look at whether it is possible and if yes, how.

What is PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)?

Foremost to understanding the phenomenon of weed for PTSD, is to find out what exactly PTSD is. PTSD is a post-traumatic stress disorder that haunts the minds of people who have undergone some form of mental, physical, or natural trauma. This psychiatric disorder surpasses all boundaries of age, race, gender, nationality and can affect any individual due to some horrible events in their lives, they’ve either witnessed or been a victim of.

The original cases of PTSD were first evaluated after the World Wars which caused massive destruction both literal and figurative in the lives of millions of people back then. The adverse after-effects of the war created ripples disturbing the mental peace of all the afflicted people but war veterans in particular. Since then the cases of people being affected by this disorder have only risen.

Many medications, as well as therapy sessions, have been utilized in the way of treatment of PTSD. However, in many cases, the patients are not able to relieve their symptoms using any of the established medicines which then opens up the possibilities for a more natural alternative form of therapy. This is how medical marijuana came into the picture and people started using it to treat the many issues that people were suffering from. Was it successful, let us find out?

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As per statistics, 8 out of every 100 women get PTSD at least once in their lives whereas for men the possibility is about 4 in every 100 men.

Can Cannabis Help in the Treatment of PTSD?

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Yes, alluding to certain studies, patients have been successful in using medical cannabis for treating severe PTSD symptoms. This directly reflects the effectiveness of marijuana as a valid medical solution for this mental health concern. An emphasis has to be made on the aspect that these 420 solutions promote some of the best mental wellness benefits for patients who have been suffering from PTSD. This means that using it should be a lot different from any of the traditional forms of medication which were responsible for curing the disorder but were also, in turn, giving certain side effects.

When the symptoms of disorders are different for each patient, how can the same age-old allopathic drugs work for everyone? By this default logic, patients began experimenting with many other medications when the prescribed ones stopped working or showed no signs of progression in terms of curing the disorder for them. This is what led to the worthwhile find of marijuana in the medical space of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

However, the major driving force behind incorporating medical marijuana solutions into the routine for many patients was the spirit of self-medication. Self-medication is when the patient finally takes the matter of treatment into their own hands and starts experimenting with alternative medicines. A patient is driven to such a state only when other medicines stop working or show no desired effects. Which is something that cannot be ignored because, in the end, everyone is only looking for a means to cure their problems without any possible side effects. Self-medication is considered to be good and healthy only after the medical marijuana doctors have been consulted before the process.

Symptoms of PTSD That Can Be Treated by Cannabis

When the strong possibilities of medical marijuana solutions for PTSD have been established and in some cases been rather successful too, to break down and present them in a list will only aid the patient in treating their symptoms. Hence, here is a list of the symptoms of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder which can be rectified using medical cannabis.


PTSD is known to be one of the leading causes of depression in Americans, especially among the veteran populations. This major symptom of this psychiatric disorder can be alleviated with the help of medical marijuana. There are many studies that attest to this therapeutic benefit of cannabis in the way of upliftment of the depressive symptoms in people. It would then be completely foolish if the person doesn’t make use of this special property of marijuana.

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Insomnia is another important symptom of PTSD that means great trouble for the patient. For this then there is again the aspect of using 420 solutions. As the main effects of taking medical cannabis in any form is a relaxed and calming experience, there is the possibility that it will help relax the body so much that the person would eventually doze off to sleep.

Treating insomnia is also important in reference to another sleeping issue that PTSD causes, which is that of nightmares. Many patients with PTSD complain of reliving their traumatic past in their nightmares, the fear of which either keeps them up at night or results in a disturbed sleep. Sleep is the time when the body repairs and recovers itself so if the person is unable to sleep throughout the night, the already existing issues become magnified. This has however become quite easy with the use of medical marijuana.

Stress and Anxiety

This is somewhat of a match made in heaven, as cannabis is a well-researched medicine to soothe the anxieties and stress of everyday life. People make use of these medicines to treat panic-like symptoms and to reduce everyday stress and anxiety that affect the patients. This is more often than not a gift of the unhealthy lifestyle they’ve been living. When medical marijuana can shake the worries away from such people, it definitely can and should be used for PTSD suffering patients.

The intense anxiety and stressed demeanor are a result of a horrid memory buried in their minds. So the way marijuana latches on the Endocannabinoid System Receptors of the human body is bound to help in the deep relaxation of the severe stress and anxiety symptoms. Any patient with PTSD then, can make use of these 420 solutions and notice the improvement in their symptoms.

Pain and Inflammation

Chronic pain is another major symptom of PTSD which is most common in war veterans. As this disorder is primarily a psychiatric issue, many people might doubt this physical symptom. To dissolve all forms of opposition to this frivolous claim, many studies have tried to explore the relationship between chronic pain and PTSD. So then it is also necessary to propose cannabis as an infallible treatment option for this physical ailment. To elevate the quality of life for the people suffering from PTSD, the proposal of marijuana is not completely bonkers.

Method of Consumption of Medical Marijuana for PTSD

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For a patient of PTSD to utilize medical marijuana in the way of treatment of PTSD is no child’s play. There is a pressing need to emphasize the significance of choosing the best possible consumption method for it to treat the symptoms. Listed below are the most effective and popular methods which any new PTSD patient can adopt to make their life better. One thing a new patient should remember is that the initial dosages should be extremely low in the beginning to feel the effects first and only then should curate an effective schedule.


A sublingual way of consumption implies taking drops of a particular formulation of cannabinoids liquid or oil under the tongue. This relatively easy method of consumption also ensures the rapidity of the administration. Mucous membranes on the button of the tongue for people have opened vast avenues in administering the fast dosage of cannabis for PTSD. Simply put a few drops of any tincture right below the tongue when feeling especially anxious or worried or right before bedtime to have a relaxed sleep. Major symptoms like anxiety, depression, and insomnia can be treated via this method due to its timing of effect which takes hardly 3 to 5 minutes.


In this, the person can either choose to take drops on their tongue or introduce them in some food item or chew them in the form of edibles. Hence, this method of consumption is most suited to patients with chronic pain as they need a constant supply of medical marijuana to keep relieving themselves of intense pains for an extended time. Many options for this particular method are available in the market and are enjoyed by the patients. This is comparatively a slow process so the patient should always beware of when to administer their dosage to feel the effects later on.


Probably the most famous method of consuming marijuana is in the way of inhalation. By involving oneself in the activities of smoking or vaping this method takes effect way faster than all the other methods. In addition, the effects also last for a very long time, which is a win-win situation. This is the best way to consume cannabis during the day as it doesn’t necessarily give sleeping benefits but is rather only responsible for dulling the pain and anxieties.


Topical applicators filled with the goodness of medical marijuana solutions are another great way of chasing away any physical chronic pain symptoms in patients with PTSD. After externally applying the product when the patient can get rid of the pain, what more can he or she ask for? This will either numb the pain or reduce it to a minor level which will help them pass the difficult pain-filled days.

Special Strains That Work Wonders for PTSD

There are certain special strains that are famous for eliciting the right kind of responses for PTSD sufferers. There is no dearth of products, especially different types of weed strains in the market for such people, however, to find the perfect product which works the best for oneself is extremely rare. In order to find out something that will be perfect for the patient, the said patient needs to be willing to try out new strains. Here is a list of a few of the most popular ones that have aided people suffering from PTSD for a good amount of years.

  • Skunk Plus
  • Cannatonic
  • Pineapple Express
  • White Lotus
  • OG Kush
  • Blue Dream
  • Master Kush
  • Snow Leopard

Are There Any Side Effects?

The possibility of side effects of a particular form of medication is only established when there is no proper monitoring of the effects that are originating from the consumption. Taking any medicinal drug beyond its normal recommended dosage is sure to give the patient all the negative effects of that medicine. Instead of doing good and helping them recover it would rather affect them adversely.

To answer the question posed comprehensively, yes there are side effects to the consumption of medical marijuana whilst treating the symptoms of PTSD, but only when there is no proper monitoring of the administration. This is hence an important aspect to consider. The PTSD patient before trying to make use of medical marijuana should always consult with a legit medical marijuana doctor near them. This will help the patient in coming up with the right type of medical schedule to allot their MMJ dosage. A valid doctor’s recommendation along with an MMJ card is also quite important for the patient to make use of this drug which is legally problematic.

Some minor side-effects of medical marijuana include nausea, the possibility of marijuana use leading to the stage of abuse as well as self-medication without consulting valid health professional. Avoiding all such minor issues then makes for a carefully crafted treatment option for a patient with PTSD.

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As more and more people are getting diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, the need for a good alternative form of therapy is being realized. Like any other ailments which have been effectively treated with the help of medical marijuana, like glaucoma and anxiety, PTSD emerges as a new problem that can be solved with the special 420 solutions. Try out the wonderful therapeutic benefits and see how it works its magic on you.

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