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Everything You Need to Learn About Finding the Right Medical Marijuana Doctor - August 17, 2020

When we talk about pharmaceuticals, it’s usually only in relation to one or two specific medical conditions or symptoms. Take aspirin for instance, what ailments does it treat? Headaches, muscle pain, and any other kind of inflammation, right? But do you know of a medication that can help with cancer, PTSD, insomnia, anorexia, epilepsy, and even mild acne? Yes, such medication exists; but you need to contact a medical marijuana doctor.


Unlike aspirin, you cannot find a bag of medical cannabis at a pharmacy. The only way to access it is by going through consultation with a medical marijuana doctor who is authorized to give you the recommendation to buy cannabis and the correct guidance for using it for your medical condition. You can easily connect to one near your location or through an online clinic, but either way, you must know how to find the right cannabis doctor for yourself. So, if you think that it’s time for you to get in touch with a medical marijuana doctor, read along to find out the simple steps for finding the right one for you.

Who is a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

A medical marijuana doctor is no different from a regular medical professional. Both are experts in the field of medicine and assess patients to plan out treatment for them. The only difference lies in the fact that medical marijuana doctors will recommend cannabis to their patients if it can help their condition. Unlike regular medical professionals, a marijuana doctor believes that cannabis can help in improving the quality of life of the patient in question. They lay their faith in the positive results related to cannabis’s medical potential and are also thoroughly aware of the research. Though the legal issues of cannabis continue at the federal level, a marijuana doctor is willing to recommend cannabis if the state where they reside has legalized it.


A marijuana doctor can assess your medical condition or symptoms according to the protocols set by the government and determine if you are eligible for using medical marijuana or not. This process is called a 420 evaluation. Every state abides by its own set of rules and regulations that decide who can use cannabis medically and who cannot. A 420 evaluation by a medical marijuana doctor helps medical patients gain access to cannabis.

What Are The Qualifications of a Medical Marijuana Doctor?

As mentioned already, a medical marijuana doctor is a regular medical professional who recommends cannabis to their patients. In fact, your primary physician can be a marijuana doctor if they are ready to recommend cannabis for your condition and are aware of the right way to do so. But if you need boxes to check, here’s what you must look for in a  cannabis doctor.

Is Your Doctor Authorized to Give You a Recommendation?

You need to ensure that your doctor has the legal authority to give you a medical marijuana recommendation. According to the marijuana laws of the state government, you can get a 420 consultation for your medical condition from a doctor who is either a licensed medical doctor (MD), a naturopathic doctor (ND), or an osteopathic doctor (DO). Any other medical professional like a nurse and assistant are not permitted by the state government to assess a patient for medical marijuana and recommend it for their treatment.


You must remember that these rules vary from state to state. So before reaching out to a medical professional, check with the marijuana laws of your state.

Is Your Doctor Updated With all Information Related to Cannabis?

Cannabis is a psychoactive herb. This means that it can affect the functions controlled by your mind like reflexes, immune system, secretion of neurotransmitters, etc. Consuming cannabis can turn out to be an intolerable couch-lock experience and scare you. Cannabis is not a herb that carries a risk of fatal overdosing, but there can always be some less than desirable side effects. This is why you should only use cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation.

Since safety with cannabis cannot be ignored, it is important that your doctor has all the right knowledge about cannabis. Here are a few facts that your cannabis doctor should be aware of.

  • The function of the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis affects it.
  • Different cannabis strains and delivery methods and one that will work best for you.
  • The correct dosage of cannabis according to your medical condition.
  • Side effects of cannabis and medications that react with it.
  • When to begin and end your cannabis treatment.
  • Cannabis laws of the state.


If your doctor can answer such questions without hesitation, they can be trusted for a marijuana recommendation.

How to Find the Right Cannabis Doctor for Yourself?

If you start a search, you will be able to find hundreds of cannabis doctors that may seem like a reasonable choice. But you can’t just pick anyone and call it a day. It’s a matter of your health so you must choose only the best. How do you do that? With a little bit of time and effort.

Make a Selection

To find the right medical marijuana doctor, begin by making a list of all the clinics and doctors that you think can be a suitable choice. Make sure that each of them are professionals with a state-issued license.

The next step is to compare and select. Go through the services offered by each doctor and clinic and the different price points. Find one that you find affordable. Call in and have a talk with the staff and collect information about their clinic.  Always enquire about the timings of the doctor, and if the doctor will lend you help in the future. In the case of an online clinic, look for privacy policies, money-back guarantees, 24×7 customer care, and services beyond recommendations. You can also read their blogs to have a better idea.

Once you find a suitable match, make an appointment and prepare for your consultation with the doctor.

How to Assess the Legitimacy of Your Medical Marijuana Doctor?

As easy as it may sound, it’s very probable for you to fall into a scam while finding a medical marijuana doctor. If you do not check the history and license of the doctor you visit, you can get in trouble. To ensure that your doctor or clinic is legit, begin by verifying their address. The clinic should have a physical location with an established history and the doctor’s address should be easy to verify. Otherwise, you may be wasting time and money on a recommendation that will not be accepted by dispensaries.


The next step is to verify the license.


A marijuana doctor needs to hold a valid practicing license in the state in question to be able to legally give a medical marijuana recommendation. You can check the license of your doctor on the official website of your state. In California, you can check the license number of your doctor on the website of the Medical Board of California.

How to Talk to a Cannabis Doctor?

When you are sitting for a consultation with your doctor, ensure you are open and honest about everything. It can be about your medical history, lifestyle, medications, etc. If you leave out any details, it will impact the effectiveness of your treatment plan.


During a consultation, you can also clear your queries with your doctor. Just make sure that you ask relevant questions only. For example, you can ask about the strains, delivery method, how to be safe with cannabis, their views about cannabis as a medication, etc. Complete the consultation with patience and respect the views of the doctor. If you don’t feel satisfied with the treatment plan, you can always go for a second opinion.


Health should always come first. So when you are using a new medication like cannabis, it’s important that you can trust the person who is giving you the treatment. So keep these points in mind while searching for a medical marijuana doctor and experience the positive effects of cannabis on your health.


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