How to Delete Your Online Medical Card Account?

No longer need a medical marijuana recommendation from us? We understand. Let us help you through the process of deleting your Online Medical Card account with ease.

Once your account gets deleted, you will lose access to your account, the information stored or the special offers and discounts we provide.

How to Delete Your Online Medical Card Account?

The process of deleting your Online Medical Card account is quite easy. But before you go through with it, carefully consider if you really want to do it.

Follow these steps to delete your patient account-

1. Log Into Your Online Medical Card Account
Log into your online medical card account via the application. Fill in your patient login details.

2. Check Your Dashboard
Visit your account dashboard and find the “Settings” section in the slider on the left side of the screen.

3. Find the ‘Delete Your Account” Option
You’ll find the option to “Delete Your Account” in the Settings section.

4. Click the Delete Button
Once you’re completely sure about permanently deleting your account, click the ‘delete my account’ button.

5. Re-enter Your Password to Confirm
To confirm account deletion, you’ll be required to re-enter your password. Once confirmed, click the ‘Delete’ button to permanently delete your account.

6. Your Profile and Information Will Be Deleted
Your patient account and all the information stored in it will be permanently deleted from our platform after the deletion request is processed.

When Should You Delete Your Patient Account?

You can delete your Online Medical Card account if you no longer require MMJ recommendations to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries or no longer require our services.

If you currently have a valid MMJ recommendation from Online Medical Card, it will stay active till the date of expiration. However, you will be unable to renew your recommendation via your previous account.