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Medical marijuana patients can grow up to 12 immature marijuana plants in California provided they have a recommendation from a state-licensed medical health professional. This is only valid for personal use and not for commercial purposes.

Out of 12 marijuana plants, 6 can be mature cannabis plants and the growing limit can extend up to 24 plants, if the medical requirements deem necessary. However, the extended limits come with a caveat. In other words, patients must justify the requirement to prevent falling under illegal ambit. So, increase your grow limit with a license to grow 99 marijuana plants in California.

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How to Get a License to Grow 99 Marijuana Plants in California?

You can get a license to grow 99 marihuana plants in California, however, the law does not clearly state how and when. This means that in order to grow 99 marijuana plants you have to check the requirement of cannabis for your medical condition and apply online for 420 evaluation.

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1. Prequalification Form

Register with us and fill out our application form. Rest assured all your personal details are kept secure under the HIPAA guidelines.

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2. Evaluations

Have a face-to-face consultation with our physician online. The doctor will determine whether you qualify for the medical marijuana program or not.

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3. Instant Recommendation

Upon qualification, you will receive the medical marijuana recommendation through email within a few minutes. A hard copy will also be mailed to you.

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We are a BBB A+ accredited clinic based in California that houses a team of licensed health professionals. At Online Medical Card, we believe medical marijuana can help people alleviate symptoms of their condition. That is why we want to help patients who can benefit from marijuana get access to it easily.

Our medical doctors work round the clock to ensure you get the medical attention you seek. Getting a growers license may seem daunting, but using telemedicine, we have made this process simple and convenient. Now you do not even have to step outside your house to receive a recommendation from licensed physicians.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting a Recommendation to Grow 99 Plants in California?

In order to grow 99 marijuana plants in California, the regulatory bodies will consider your medical condition. So, those who have a cannabis recommendation or a medical marijuana card for the same, they will naturally benefit from getting the rec in the first place. Below are the benefits associated with getting a license to grow 99 plants of medical marijuana.

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Legal Protection

For patients to grow more the legal limit, they have to prove that their medical condition demands extended use of marijuana. In other words, you can grow more than 12 immature plants if you prove that the extended limit falls under the parameter of medical requirement. So, in such cases, a recommendation from a doctor can help you prove innocence.

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Increased Grow Limits

Recreational users in California can grow up to 6 recreational plants per residency. For medical users, the limit is 6 mature and 12 immature plants. Naturally, showcasing that with the help of a recommendation you can grow more plants. You can extend the limit of plants if the doctor suggests and the medical condition demands, as suggested earlier.

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Age Restrictions

Patients aged 18 and above can get a medical marijuana grower’s license. Whereas, the age limit for recreational users is set to 21 and above. In the case of a minor patient with a severely debilitating condition, there is an exception. They can designate a caregiver and grow marijuana with the help of medical cannabis growing recommendations.

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Guaranteed Savings

A medical marijuana recommendation holder saves money not only through tax exemption on cannabis products sold at state-licensed dispensaries but also through indoor cannabis cultivation. Essentially, with a license to grow 99 cannabis plants, you save up a significant amount of money on medical marijuana products that you usually purchase from a dispensary.

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Higher Possession Limits

If you have a grower’s recommendation, it naturally means that you can possess the legal limit of cannabis without the worry of a possible arrest. While medical users can possess eight times higher than the limit recreational users can, the grow limits also vary accordingly. So, make sure that you get a 99 plants grower’s license and increase your grow limit.

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Greater Marijuana Access

Patients with a grower’s license have the freedom to grow increased limits of cannabis plants. This automatically indicates that as a medical user you can access increased amounts of marijuana. You neither have to visit a dispensary nor seek MMJ products that most likely go out of stock. You can easily grow marijuana indoors and choose the type of yield you want.

Looking to Cultivate Marijuana For Medical Use?

A License to Grow 99 Marijuana Plants Can Help

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Cannabis Laws to Grow 99 Plants of Medical Marijuana

In order to understand why cannabis cultivation through recommendation is partially legal and illegal in California, you have to understand the difference between Prop 215 and SB420. After all, it’s SB420 and not Prop 215 that helps provide protection from legal ambiguities associated with cannabis.

The bill, SB420 became law in 2014 and the law states that patients registered under the state medical marijuana program can easily receive legal protection. Provided the patient doesn’t try to cross the established legal boundaries. While the law allows patients to cultivate cannabis plants legally, the program also comes with possession and growing guidelines.

The guidelines set under the SB420 bill or the California Medical Marijuana Program for cardholders recognizes cooperative and collective qualified rights. However, rights can be challenged in the near future. Moreover, the Sunset Clause will enable the end of cannabis collectives in California. In simple terms, the Sunset Clause will end the protection for collectives but carry forward the culture of cannabis recommendations.

Similarly, even caregivers can continue catering to the needs of their patients. Overall, the Sunset Clause may bring about a significant change in the near future, but as a patient, you are most likely to get a cannabis growers license or a license to grow 99 cannabis plants to possess and cultivate medical marijuana legally. Until then, make sure you follow the rules and stick to the existing guidelines.

Can a Caregiver Grow 99 Plants of Cannabis?

Yes, a caregiver can get a grower’s license in California and cultivate as many as 12 immature plants indoors. The only exception, in this case, is that a patient must first designate a caregiver.

In order to designate a caregiver, a patient first needs to get a medical marijuana recommendation from a state-certified health physician. On approval, the patient can use the recommendation and the caregiver’s application to legally designate an individual for personal care.

The role of a caregiver pertains to fulfilling medical cannabis requirements and taking care of the well-being of the patient. This indicates that patients with a qualifying medical condition and disabilities that require assistance can designate a caregiver.

In addition to this, a caregiver must be 18-year-old or above. Ideally, most states have a separate MMJ program under which individuals can register themselves as caregivers. However, in California, there are independent agencies that provide caregivers and do the formalities on behalf of the patient and caregiver.

So, once a patient designates a caregiver, the concerned individual can grow cannabis on behalf of the patient. Interestingly, a caregiver can also tend to more than two patients at a time. Thus, stating that for each patient or state resident a caregiver can grow 99 plants of marijuana as the medical condition deem necessary.

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Increase Your Grow Limit With a Grower’s License in California


Frequently Asked Questions

Find solutions to all your medical marijuana growing related queries and concerns. In case you are not satisfied, reach out to us. Our experts are always available to assist you.

As a medical marijuana patient, you have to keep in mind that to get a 99 Plants Growers Recommendation in California you have to see whether your medical condition allows the same or not. After all, the extended limit depends on the consent of the medical health professional.

Rest assured, anyone aged 18 and above can apply for a medical cannabis recommendation and grow the legal limit of cannabis plants indoors.

Also, after you obtain your marijuana recommendation or card, you can use it for purchasing cannabis from state-licensed dispensaries and cultivate marijuana at the same time. Ideally, people with a severely debilitating condition require an extensive treatment plan. The same requires the patient to purchase cannabis at regular intervals. As a result, they prefer growing medical cannabis indoors rather than purchasing it from state-licensed dispensaries repeatedly.

To put things into perspective, here’s an example. A patient suffering from cancer or severe forms of epilepsy most likely requires more cannabis than other conditions. This means that they can get a grower’s license and grow up to the required limit.

For the same reason, the state authorities in California have set a legal limit. The only exception, in this case, is that you should have a medical condition and a doctor’s recommendation that marijuana can help cure. For instance, after prop 64 became law in California, many people doubted the significance of getting a medical cannabis recommendation in California.

Simply put, California legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes years ago. This means that you can get medical cannabis over the counter provided the product contains less than or equal to 0.3% of THC. Unfortunately, some medical conditions require a doctor’s supervision.

So, to alleviate the symptoms of that condition, a patient first needs to talk to a doctor, and then see whether purchasing or growing would be a feasible option. If purchasing seems expensive, growing indoors is another option. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you will need a medical marijuana recommendation to grow cannabis indoors. Without the recommendation, you will not be able to justify the extended limit of cannabis growing.

In order to get a license to grow 99 marijuana plants in California or to get a grower’s license or to cultivate the legal limit (12 immature plants) of plants, you need a qualifying medical condition. Without a qualifying medical condition, you are not eligible to legally cultivate medical marijuana. Below is a list of qualifying conditions as listed under the regulation provided by the cannabis regulatory bodies.

  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer
  • Persistent Muscle Spasm
  • Anorexia
  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Glaucoma
  • Severe Nausea
  • Cachexia
  • Migraine

In addition to this, conditions that limit the ability of a patient to carry out day-to-day activities also fall under this category. For example, pain caused due to inflammation, a mental disorder, or a physical disability. Not only this, but the state rules also suggest that medical marijuana patients can use medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids and pharmaceuticals that eventually fail to work.

Besides these medical conditions, there is a major caveat in the regulations. It suggests that medical cannabis use for conditions listed under the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 is permissible. These conditions can range from mental to physical.

More vitally, a medical health professional will determine whether your condition is safe for medical cannabis use or not. Accordingly, you can grow as many plants as suggested and consume them under medical supervision. For those who feel growing is not an option, they can use the same recommendation to purchase marijuana from dispensaries.

If you’re wondering who can give a cannabis grower’s recommendation in California, you don’t have to look any further. A team of state-licensed medical health professionals who have experience and knowledge regarding medical cannabis use for medical purposes can help you get a grower’s license easily.
They will help you get a grower’s license and determine how many plants you can grow based on the seriousness of your medical condition.

As an example, here’s a suitable explanation. In California, the laws related to cannabis are quite lax. Unlike states such as New York where everything is determined by the doctor, here you can get a simple recommendation for a qualifying condition, and then you can decide how many plants you need for the treatment. If the legal limits suffice your requirement stick to them.

If not, you can talk to your doctor and get a grower’s recommendation stating that you need to cultivate more than 12 immature cannabis plants to meet your medical requirements. However, the story doesn’t end here, before getting a grower’s license, you have to see whether the doctor is legit or not.

To determine the same, first, check whether the doctor practices medicine in the same state as you or not. A grower’s recommendation must be signed and written by a doctor residing in the same as you. Next, you have to check the physical location of the clinic and then you also have to make sure that the doctor holds an active license.

Additionally, you can tell your medical health professional is legit by simply looking at your medical marijuana grower’s license. Your license will include your medical information along with the doctor’s personal details.

Simply put, the grower’s recommendation will consist of the doctor’s license number, signature or stamp on the letterhead, state of issuance and expiration, and the treatment plan.

If your recommendation has all these details, rest assured you can avail yourself of cannabis and grow 6 mature plants legally in California.

As per cannabis regulations, a patient can grow up to 12 immature medical cannabis plants provided they have a recommendation from a state-licensed health physician. For recreational users, the legal limit is set to 6 plants. More vitally, only individuals aged 21 and above can grow recreational plants.

Growing beyond this limit or 100 square feet of cannabis in indoor spaces can result in a misdemeanor charge. In other words, you can either end up in jail for 6 months or end up with a charge of $500 fees.

Either way, growing an extended limit without a medical cannabis recommendation as proof will land you in legal troubles. Besides this medical cannabis patients with a designated caregiver can also grow up to six cannabis plants or a legal limit that meets their medical requirements.

The health and safety code for possession and cultivation as stated under the 11362.22 clause have these laws penned down. So, you can also go and check these laws on the website to completely ensure the limits of cannabis growing in California.

Furthermore, there are certain caveats related to marijuana cultivation in California that require the utmost attention. For example, a license to grow 99 cannabis plants in California is a way to say that you need to establish a limit persistent with medical needs.

Unfortunately, the higher the limit, the fewer chances you have at legal protection. The only thing you can do is present proof to show that your medical condition demands an increased limit of cannabis cultivation. Also, those who grow cannabis for commercial purposes using the recommendation will certainly face the consequences. So, steer away from growing cannabis illegally. After all, nothing can stop the police from arresting a culprit crossing legal parameters.

What a cannabis grower’s recommendation manages to do is provide you defense against the legal authorities. It helps you grow an increased number of cannabis plants. The limit your medical condition demands is the key to growing marijuana legally in California.

Medical marijuana cannot get a cultivation license to grow 99 plants. However, they can get a 99 Plants Growers Recommendation. If you’re wondering what is the difference. Well, the answer is quite simple. You see, cannabis cultivation is ideally distributed by state authorities to people who wish to grow marijuana for selling, purchasing, and manufacturing purposes. So, here medical marijuana doctors or state-licensed medical health professionals have nothing to do.

If you need a cultivation license for selling marijuana, you have to register under the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The department for cannabis cultivation licensing will enable you to grow as many cannabis plants as possible. Not only this but you will be able to grow marijuana plants both indoor and outdoor.

Also, depending upon the size and cation of your cannabis cultivation task, you can submit an application along with the fee, and the state authorities will look into your application process. The state authorities most likely will also check your background and limitations of cannabis cultivation. Once you get a green signal from the state authorities you can grow marijuana as per your growing plan.

All in all, a cultivation license pertains to the needs of commercial cannabis. For those who want to grow 99 plants from your home, you will be doing so at your own account. So, until that point, you can get an official 99 plants grower’s license in the form of a health physician’s recommendation. This also requires you to have first-hand information about how you will grow and why you will grow cannabis. Indeed, even though a medical health professional recommendation in California complies with the existing rules, the possibilities of federal prosecution and legal liabilities are quite high.