CBD Use Is Far From Recreational

Changing Perspective: Convincing Family and Friends That CBD Use Is Far From Recreational - November 16, 2018

For any kind of physical ailment, whether it be back pain, headaches, stress, or insomnia, reaching for a pharmaceutical narcotic to help seems like a completely normal and excepted action.

Right off the bat, at a super young age, we are get a dose of Children’s Tylenol squirted into our mouths the second something hurts.  Sure, that’s fine…just about everyone does it, and the human race is still pushing forward on this planet.

But as adults…

A Different Choice

There’s an alternative option for relief. One that is, socially, much harder for people to jump on board with. I’m talking about CBD. CBD is a chemical found in cannabis/marijuana that can be extracted into an oil. That oil can be ingested, vaped, or even rubbed into the skin. It’s more natural and safe then prescription or over-the-counter drugs.

Not Fun And Games

But the truth is, still, is that it’s hard to convince family and friends that the use of CBS is not recreational.  Let’s face it, plenty of you out there have used marijuana in a recreational away. It’s relaxing, feels good, and becoming more and more legal across the country.  And the interesting thing is that plenty of people can tell their friends and family that they have smoked marijuana for fun and wouldn’t get much of a reaction. But if they say they are using CBD to treat pain instead of over-the-counter or prescription medication, there is sometimes a skeptical reaction.

The Right Side Of The Debate

So what kind of information can you provide for friends and family who are skeptical of the benefits from CBD products? Well, first explaining on how pain works is a good first step. Any kind of information or stress on your body sends signals to your brain that tells your body to feel pain. There is a chemical element in marijuana, CBD, that blocks or slows down those signals. Therefore, there is less pain to be felt. CBD causes the body to relax so it’s a more natural option for people with anxiety and every day stress. That same affect in CBD can help people dealing with insomnia.

It may take some more time for CBD to be widely accepted as a natural primary option for people dealing with physical elements. The more Information people know about its effects and side effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs, the more people will understand why it’s an excellent alternative.

Online Medical Card Team

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