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With the new Manna transdermal patches, you can fight pain and anxiety without any pills or prescriptions. Buy a pack of 4 at $60 right away!

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Transdermal technology allows you to skip all the challenges faced during other modes of consuming cannabis. 

Discreet Use

You can use this patch whenever and wherever you like. They are easy to hide and show no signs of cannabis use.

Quick Action

Just peel and apply the patch to your skin. The CBD is directly released into your bloodstream and takes effect in just 20 minutes.

Extended relief

The medicine is automatically delivered to your bloodstream over the course of 12 hours. This ensures long-lasting relief.

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This product comes in an extremely convenient packing. All you have to do is, peel off the label on the patch and then place it on a venous area for better results.
Also, the patients can remove or replace a patch by themselves. Hence, they can easily avoid an added trip to the doctor’s office for a shot.

Transdermal patches deliver cannabinoids, in this case, CBD, over a number of hours (8-10 hours on an average) at a predetermined and a controlled rate.
As the concentration of cannabinoid is high in the patch & low in the blood, CBD keeps diffusing into the blood over a period of time. Thus, helps in maintaining a constant drug concentration.

Another benefit of using transdermal patches is that this delivery method directly bypasses metabolism by the liver. Also, this method avoids gastrointestinal absorption as well as the drug interaction with gastric enzyme difficulties.
This helps in delivering the maximum amount of cannabinoid (CBD) directly into the bloodstream thereby, improving the bioavailability of CBD up to 70%.

These are molecular patches used to administer cannabis through the skin. Through transdermal patches, cannabis penetrates the skin in a controlled manner & bloodstream absorbs the cannabis through blood vessels that give the best results. You can use menu patches conveniently for work, travel or sleep.

Other methods of cannabis administration can lead to excessive consumption and higher psychoactive effects, but not patches. It’s one of the most effective & convenient modes of therapeutic use of cannabis. Patches remain hidden under the clothes and don’t give any smell.

Manna patches contain cannabis in a sufficient does that lasts 8-10 hours. Manna patches deliver cannabis to the bloodstream at a constant rate.

No, they’re not alike. Topical is useful in peripheral tissue treatment. You apply a topical on the affected external part of the body, and it affects only that part. But transdermal cannabis is absorbed through membranes & reaches the entire internal body through the bloodstream.

Transdermal patches that we supply are advantageous to other brands in many ways. Our patches are ergonomically designed and manufactured that deliver constant cannabis levels during the entire duration of wear. Our patches are made of the best quality polymers and adhesives that don’t harm the skin.

We deliver a pack of 4 patches just for $60

The Manna Bot Technology


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CBD is delivered through a timed delivery system.  Body heat slowly melts thin layers of medication embedded in the adhesive of a transdermal patch. 

Time-Release Medication 

Manna Bot One delivers an exact amount of CBD to every patch, making sure each unit delivers 100% quality as per pharmaceutical standards.

Precise Dosage

These patches are completed allergen and latex free and are made from the highest quality whole cannabis plant extracts.

Evolved Cannabis Medicine

Mark Fraiser

Been using this patch for quite a bit and it really helps! The pain relief kicks in less than an hour and I don’t have to take pills anymore!

using the manna patch only made me realize how many aches and pains I had learned to live with. This doesnt get you high or anything. Just pop it on your skin and ur good to go! 

Susan Bone 

James Cohen

I have chronic pain problems and im glad to say that these patches really work. I can be myself for more than 12 hours or so. they are dosed perfectly and no one knows im using them. Quite a handy product

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Manna Bot One 3D printer divides the CBD into thousand layers and prints each patch layer by layer. On completion, these layers solidify to form one complete unit.

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