Gaining popularity because of their mechanical simplicity, vaping pens or sticks are a better alternative for health conscious consumers. These are portable and handheld devices that heat up to an ideal 300-400oC causing your buds to evaporate rather than undergoing combustion. Although vaping is not completely harmless, but its less harsh on the lungs and provides a smoother smoking experience. You can also substitute your weed with other cannabis concentrates like oil, wax, dab etc.



One of the most ancient and common ways to consume pot is to simply smoke it. Cannabis smoke on inhalation enters the lungs and is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Once the THC hits your circulatory system, its takes only a few seconds for it to reach your brain. Hence the effect of smoking weed is instant! Smoking up is the quickest way to deliver marijuana into your system, but is also the most damaging. The effects of smoking pot have been widely debated and have also encouraged people to look for other alternative options to deliver the cannabinoids into their systems.



Oral Delivery Methods

For consumers who are not comfortable smoking bud, medibles are a godsend. Name a food and you can literally find a weed snack/meal for it. Our global marijuana community is not limited to the ‘traditional space cakes’ anymore. You can choose from cakes, cookies, candies, lozenges and so many other things. When consuming your favorite food with the additional bud, keep in mind that it takes longer for the cannabis to start working (30-120 minutes) and the effects are much more stronger than smoking-up.


You can find many drinks induced with marijuana that give similar effects to those as eating weed snacks. Although a slightly cumbersome process, weed tea and beer are successfully being brewed nowadays. You can also opt for marijuana coffee and wines if eating the bud is not your style.

Other Products

With the rise in the number of people choosing to medicate with marijuana without smoking it, a wide array of new products are available in the market. These include capsules/pills, tinctures and sprays.

Topical Methods

Another new technique to introduce cannabinoids in your system is by allowing them to dissolve in a medium (fat) that can be absorbed by the skin. Topical creams and oils provide localized relief without any cerebral stimulation.