California Sober is a Thing and it’s Worth all the Hype! - May 17, 2019

Planning to quit drugs? Cool!! There’s a new buzzword in town. Any guesses? I’ll throw a hint…SHHH!!! It’s related to cannabis!

Umm…so, got it?

The trendsetter I’m talkin’ about is ‘CALIFORNIA SOBER’. Heard of it before? Of course not! It’s a new phenomenon.

Drugs are bad. You’ve probably heard that a lot. Almost everyone seems to nod their heads to that but the reality is different. With baddies like heroine, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription drugs , cannabis is the only innocent lad out there.

Don’t believe me?

Have a look at Some Stats Below

  • Opioid abuse caused 2199 deaths in 2017.
  • Approximately 48 million Americans have abused prescription based drugs at least once in their lifetime.
  • Drug abuse is California’s ‘number 1’ premature killer.
  • Almost 11 people die from drug abuse everyday.
  • More than 50,000 emergency visits in clinics are drug related.

So, want to contribute to these stats? If you’ll take my advice, please DO NOT!!

At this point, you might be questioning the sobriety of cannabis. Banking on common sense, anything in excess is harmful. But, cannabis is the safest bet you can make. It’s a thriving industry. It’s gotta have something. Simple logic?

Cannabis and health go hand in hand. The party popping drugs might get you raving but California sober has changed the mechanics completely.

So, What is being California Sober?

Being California sober means you abstain from all the hard drugs except cannabis. It’s basically like you’re switching from the potent drugs to a milder high inducing herb. So, that’s being sober for you.

It’s like “I don’t snort cocaine anymore. I only smoke marijuana!”

That’s a pretty calculated move. In fact, a good one. Medical marijuana has emerged has a viable medication for treating a variety of health issues. It’s become the holy grail.

Cannabis is projected to have an economic impact of $40 billion by 2021. Now, that’s huge. It drives our attention to the fact that people actually trust cannabis for the benefit it offers.

Why being California Sober is Good for you?

Because it prevents you from dying. Want to climb the heaven’s ladder too soon? Cannabis is like a soft landing pad that saves you when you fall from a cliff. In fact, it’s an umbrella of sanity that you earnestly need.

Precisely, you need to understand how the human body works. Drugs rewire your existence. They make you addicted.

When you start taking drugs, your mind becomes dependant on them. So, if there’s someone who is heavily intoxicated, he won’t exist in absence of drugs. Your bloodstream, basic body functions, and metabolism need a triggering agent to function. In this case, it’s the drug.

So, when you plan to quit drugs, your body is never really prepared for it. The craving is real. It is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms which can leave you sick, tired and despaired. An ideal way to prevent this is through a gradual transition.

Luckily, cannabis offers the change you need. It has the answers to your temptations with a characteristic high to keep you in a zone of bliss. And the best thing —it’s non-addictive.

Medical Marijuana Clinics are a Blessing

If you’re someone who hasn’t tried cannabis, the legalization has opened doors to a better possibility. With the advent of telemedicine, accessing the medicinal benefits of cannabis has become easier. There are lots of certified 420 clinics in California.

To access cannabis legally, you need to get evaluated at a 420 clinic. One major benefit it offers is that you get to interact with a certified cannabis doctor. With proper evaluation, the specialist can decide if you have the qualifying condition for an MMJ card.

When you’re trying to quit drugs, the possible withdrawal symptoms include nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia. The doctor can recommend the best-suited strain based on your analysis and prescribe a dose to get you started.

With a medical marijuana card, you can explore the dispensaries and purchase the suggested strains. The herb comes with its’ promising effects. It’ll make you chill with your senses while keeping you clear-headed and calm.

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Isn’t that an ideal state to be in?

Of course, it is! Being California Sober is like a rebirth. You’ll live the best life without the intoxication of drugs. Nature is a blessing. And, with a magical herb like cannabis, every moment is bliss!

Online Medical Card Team

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