smoking marijuana linked to gum disease

Smoking Marijuana Linked to Gum Disease - March 26, 2017

It turns out smoking marijuana is not so great for you.

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that heavy marijuana smokers are at risk for gum disease.

The researchers tracked the data on marijuana use and tobacco smoking in a group of middle-aged people born between 1972 and 1973. They found “a strong association between cannabis use and periodontitis experience by age 32.” If untreated, periodontitis can cause damages to the soft tissue and destroys the bone surrounding the teeth. In conclusion, the study revealed that regular cannabis smokers were three times more likely to have significant periodontal attachment loss compared to non-smokers.

Healthier Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

For happy gums and teeth, here are a few suggestions for a smoke-free experience:

Use a vaporizer –

It reduces the smoke to up to 95% percent. There’s also less resin buildup so your teeth won’t turn yellow.

Consume edibles –

Cannabis-infused products are quickly expanding and you can even make your own. Be sure to start out with a small dose as it can take much longer to kick in and the psychoactive effects may hit you hard.

Use tinctures or tonics –

Tinctures and tonics offer better dose control and fast release into the bloodstream and are the most popular way to consume marijuana.

Apply topicals –

Products like lotions, creams, patches, and salves provide localized pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

Get Legal Access to Medical Marijuana

Now that you’ve explored all your options, use our location finder to get access to medical dispensaries and try your preferred method of consumption.

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