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Recent Changes in Florida CBD Hemp Oil Laws and Regulations - October 21, 2019

Florida has been one of the strictest states when it comes to enforcing laws against marijuana and hemp; both of which are the primary sources of CBD oil.

However, with the changes in perception of CBD oil across America, Florida had no choice but to accept the legality of CBD hemp oil products. Most American states legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Florida signed the bill that allows the state to regulate hemp extracts. As such, hemp products are now legal in Florida, just like in most states in the United States.

This move will benefit not only individual users but also doctors who were hoping to include CBD hemp oil in treatment methods. Furthermore, Florida can now compete well economically with the rest of the nation.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is an extract from the Sativa plant grown for industrial purposes. It is fast-growing, and producers use it to make a variety of commercial products such as clothing, food, textile, and animal feeds. Unlike Sativa, hemp has high concentrations of CBD and lower levels of THC.

This proportion of THC and CBD implies that it contains higher medicinal properties and is not a good option for recreational purposes. Its regulation varies from one country to another, whereby some nations regulate the concentration of THC content in hemp.

Hemp oil is different from CBD oil as it comes from the seed while CBD comes from the whole plant. Hemp oil contains various health benefits, including high fiber content, unsaturated fats, protein, and minerals.

The Farm Bill

The push to legalize hemp in Florida has largely been a way to extort the financial opportunity that marijuana provides. The Farm Bill gives power to the Agricultural Department to develop a hemp program that will monitor its cultivation in Florida.

The Bill allows the production of hemp beyond the university research settings. When the president signed the Bill, he removed hemp from the list of controlled substances by separating it from marijuana.

The initial classification of hemp as a controlled substance was unrealistic because it doesn’t make one high.  The Farm Bill also allows sellers to distribute and sell hemp extracts.

However, before a person distributes these products, the laboratory must test and certify it to confirm the concentration of THC and ensure it does not exceed 0.3%. Producers and sellers must follow the package label requirements, as stated in the Bill.

Requirements of the Bill

  • Requires the Agricultural commissioner to develop and implement a plan for monitoring hemp
  • Requires one to have a license for farming hemp
  • Requires a person cultivating hemp to submit their fingerprints for a criminal check
  • Denies license to people convicted of a felony related to controlled substances during the last ten years
  • Requires dealers to use certified seeds as required by Florida Seed Law
  • Excludes hemp products from the list of controlled substances

No Restrictions on Industrial Hemp

After the president signed the Bill, Florida has allowed people to grow hemp as part of their agriculture. The Bill removed all prohibitions by enabling the state to regulate hemp growth for medical and commercial purposes.

The plan will include testing and certification methods, inspection techniques, and corrective actions for farmers that violate the specifications. It is good that Florida will not allow people with drug felonies to grow hemp as this will help to control its use.

With no restrictions, Florida is on the move to create a multi-billion dollar industry. Florida farmers always wanted an alternative crop and what’s better than hemp.

Moreover, most farmers want access to safe seeds and tested weed, and the Farm Bill comes at the right time to make these goals a reality. With hemp now classified as an agricultural commodity, we shall see an improvement in Florida’s economy.

Hopefully, it will provide a unique opportunity for the agricultural community that has suffered many challenges in Florida so far.

Previously, most states, including Florida, were reluctant to legalize marijuana. The reason behind the illegalization of weed was majorly the psychoactive properties of the THC component.

However, with time, nations began realizing the vitality of the CBD component of marijuana.  CBD has many health benefits that one cannot overlook. Since a larger part of hemp contains CBD, it was only logical for states like Florida to bow to its unique medical properties.

The current State of Hemp in Florida

Hemp cultivation is proving successful at adapting to Florida’s climatic conditions. The farmers will benefit economically by planting and selling hemp and its products. This success does not come as a shock because immediately after the president signed the Farm Bill, the University of Florida undertook pilot programs.

They established these programs in three sites spread evenly across the state and studied the growing conditions and nutrient requirements of hemp.

The findings of their pilot experiments showed that hemp could thrive in Florida’s environmental conditions. Therefore, there is no reason why farmers should not embrace this crop.

Due to the many uses of hemp, Florida sales will increase drastically over time, just as recorded in other U.S. states that legalized hemp extracts. If you were wondering whether it is legal to buy and sell CBD and hemp in Florida, the answer is yes.

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Hemp is a marijuana extract with profound benefits to health. Florida farmers will benefit both economically and medically from the growth of hemp. Florida is just among many nations that legalized marijuana in the 21st century.

More governments are set to follow suit once they realize the economic potential of hemp. The extensive uses of hemp products make it an ideal agricultural plant as opposed to a controlled substance.

If you reside in Florida, you may want to try growing hemp. Given that you meet the requirements, you can obtain a cultivation license and begin production immediately. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the Best CBD hemp oil guides in Florida before you start cultivation.

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