Migraine Managed

Enduring migraine pain can be a grueling task; especially the chronic ones involving cluster headaches; often concentrating on one side of the head, primarily around the eye region. Common symptoms include, vomitting, nausea and extreme sensitivity to light & sound. People usually resort to a wide number of medication choices like painkillers, triptans, anti-emetics and Botox to deal with these symptoms. These treatments can be complex, expensive and always come with a pocket full of side effects.

Is Cannabis a viable alternative?

With the drastic increase in the number of people people now switching to cannabis for its therapeutic value, migraine patients now have a new medication option coming their way! Some medical studies indicate that the cannabinoids help counteract anxiety, nausuea and muscle spasms that often accompany a migraine. It helps in relaxing the migraine symptoms, and in certain cases, even prevent its occurrence. Make sure you know about the prevalant state laws on the procurement, consumption and grow of medicial cannabis in your state.

How cannabinoids help?

Cannabis comprises of two main cannabinoids namely, THC & CBD. Upon consumption, these compounds seek receptors present in the peripheral nerves of our brain and nervous system. These nerves consist of many receptors for the cannabinoids, which in turn act on pain, appetite, thought and coordination.
It is astonishing how different ingredients of cannabis can have anti inflammatory and pain-relieving effects on the body. Against the common over the counter pain-reducing medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen etc., the effects of cannabis intake are found to be several times more potent than the former.

Assessing the Cannabis’ effect on Migraines

Cannabis use for migraine pain has been going on for years. To come to a better understanding, researchers at the University of Colorado analyzed the effects of medical marijuana for migraine treatment on 121 adults patients for a month as a part of their study. A majority of the subjects reported having positive effects and fewer migraines every month, dropping their headache frequency from a drastic 10.4 to a 4.6. Only around 12%, claimed to have side effects due to overdosing via cannabis edibles. Dosing is very crucial when treating a medical condition. Here are 4 Helpful tips for getting the Right Dose of Cannabis.


Around 30 million people in the US suffer from pulsating headaches. With the uncovering of recent studies proving the efficacy of cannabis on migraine related pain, a lot of people are now opting for these products instead of normal prescription drugs. By all means, the focus for medical researchers now lies in making more new strains solely for migraines and headaches, and the number of delivery methods for the same.

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