What is the Relationship Between Medical Marijuana and Diabetes? Read This to Find Out!

Several studies show that there might be a connection between marijuana and diabetes. Especially when most of the states in America are legalizing recreational and medical marijuana. Moreover, most of the Americans use medical marijuana to cure pain and inflammation.

Subsequently, people want to know more about the health benefits of medical marijuana. It will be no surprise if people hear stories about the treatment of diabetes through cannabis. This subject can stir strong emotions among people who believe in the stigma surrounding cannabis. In fact, scientists are still trying to prove its effectiveness. So, the question remains. Can it be used safely for the treatment of diabetic patients?  

The answer to the question lies ahead. Keep reading!

Marijuana and Diabetes: The Role of CBD

The marijuana plant has mainly two components that effectively react with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). it is a system that controls an array of functions in the body. CBD has a way around the human body – properties that impact the way your body and brain function. For example, concentration, appetite, memory, immune system function, etc. The most vital aspect of CBD is that it is non-psychoactive. So, the chances of getting high are unlikely.

The property of CBD to decrease inflammation is what comes into account here. Usually, the symptoms of diabetes include inflammation, unstabilized blood sugar, and lower blood pressure.

An advocacy group called the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) suggests that medical marijuana can treat diabetic patients by reducing symptoms like:

1) Nerve pains due to inflammation 2) Maintain the level of sugar in the blood 3) Improve blood pressure and blood circulation

Having said that it is also vital to know that the effects of medical marijuana, especially CBD on diabetic patients is still under scrutiny. Perhaps the only factor that has to be considered and taken seriously. But medical marijuana can help diabetic patients with some other benefits. What are they? Let’s take a look.

CBD Can Control Obesity

Patients of type two diabetes are at a greater risk of gaining weight. Several studies have been published regarding weight gain issues. A study once conducted on 4,567 people proved that people who consumed medical marijuana had a thin waistline. In turn, stating the fact that they were less prone to gaining weight.

Despite the fact that marijuana increases the capacity to eat. The study proved otherwise and hence making medical marijuana a constructive solution.

Cells are not Resistant to the Effects of Insulin

Even in this case, people with type 2 diabetes develop sensitivity towards insulin. This means that the body is less sensitive to the effects of insulin. Whereas it is vital for the body to use insulin (hormone) effectively. Because it helps check the level of sugar in the body. Sugar that is brokedown to be stored as energy

THC works well in this case because it keeps the following symptoms in-check:

1)The production of insulin is improved. 2)Stabilizes the functioning of adiponectin – a protein that controls blood sugar 3)It allows the body to process glucose.

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Prevents from Nerve Damage

Diabetic patients usually suffer from nerve damage due to high blood sugar. Diabetic neuropathy is a common symptom. It causes severe pain in the legs and feet. Eventually, affecting the entire body.

A study titled efficacy of inhaled cannabis on painful diabetic neuropathy stated that low to mid-level of THC doses can reduce the pain in nerves. As long as the symptom entailed the consumption of THC, the pain will be reduced. Subsequently, relaxation was the predominant effect seen in patients consuming medical marijuana.

There are several possibilities linked to medical marijuana. Maybe in the future medical marijuana will be able to cure several diseases without complications. But the connection between cannabis and diabetes demands thorough research. Up until then consult a medical marijuana doctor and see if cannabis can prove beneficial for you.

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