Choose the Eco-Friendly Cannabis Lifestyle

Love Cannabis? Choose the Eco-Friendly Cannabis Lifestyle! - May 25, 2019

Are we heading towards sustainable development? If you step outside and stress on the thought of existence, you’ll get your answer. Pollution is a menacing problem which needs strict attention.

Now, How is That Related to Cannabis Culture?

As a responsible cannabis enthusiast, you can opt for a eco-friendly canna-lifestyle. We should aim that every step we take should leave a positive imprint on the planet

How is That Possible?

Through subtle changes in our mode of existence. Nothing too complex! Before we dive in the details, let’s have a look at some pointers you cannot afford to miss.

Fast Facts About Pollution.

  • Pollution affects over 100 million people globally.
  • People living in highly polluted areas are at a 20% increased risk of contracting cancer than people living in less polluted areas
  • Almost 40% lakes in America are highly polluted.
  • Recycling can prevent upto 100 million tonnes of waste from being disposed of.

I’m sure you’re pouncing on the thought of taking some action. Well, the good news is that you can.

Here is what you can do


The cannabis culture is thriving and functioning. There is absolutely no doubt about that. Well, what exactly do you do after you’re done smoking your favorite strain? I mean do you dispose of the tip? If yes, then you’re on the right track.

Consumption of cannabis generates waste in the form of papers, edible wrappers, oil bottles and a lot more. I’m sure you can understand. While medical marijuana is definitely helpful, it’s our duty to help keep the environment healthy too.

There are a lot of cannabis products available in the market. Ideally, you can try to use products with recyclable packaging or encourage recycling.

Use Clean Green Certified Products

The clean green certification was created with an aim to keep sustainable growing practices. This ensures the cannabis is grown using completely natural and organic practices.

Organically grown cannabis keeps you away from the adulterants which can hamper your cannabis experience. I’m sure you won’t trade your high for a low quality bud. Thankfully, 420 evaluations can help you access good quality cannabis.

You can get your medical marijuana card and access your favorite strains from various dispensaries located across the state. The best thing about buying cannabis from a dispensary is that it contains good quality cannabis. If you choose to buy from a peddler, chances are that you might get buds sprayed with chemical enhancers.

I’m sure you don’t want that.

Don’t Turn Earth into a Dumping Ground

There’s no doubt that cannabis is highly beneficial for you. As responsible cannabis enthusiasts, you naturally wouldn’t entertain the idea of flicking your half-burnt filter out of the window. You never know, it can spark a fire.

Take care of your lovely pre-rolled instruments of highness. Roll it straight into the bin when you’re done with it. Ideally, you can ditch the paper and switch to glass crutches whenever that urge to smoke hits you

Dispose Them Care

So, you have a vaporizer? Great! What do you do with the batteries? Dispose them in the bin? Hang on! You shouldn’t do that. Most batteries contain lithium, which is potentially harmful for plants and humans alike.

So, what you can do is, find a battery drop-off center and dispose them without leaving a harmful imprint.

Medical cannabis has definitely left a positive imprint on our lives. As responsible humans, you should aim to extend this element of positivity to the surrounding environment. Sustainable existence can keep both you and the nature at lasting bliss.

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