Jojo’s Act- California Assembly in Favor of Medical Marijuana Use in Schools

Karina Garcia, mother of a 19-year-old suffering from severe epilepsy requires daily prescribed doses of medical marijuana.

However, California restricts medical marijuana use in schools. Therefore, she has to drive her son out of school every day to administer this drug.

Like her, many parents and caregivers are not allowed to give kids their medications on the school premises. This happens even if they have a medical marijuana evaluation or 420 med evaluation by certified specialists.

Is your child also being denied their right to consuming medicine on school premises?

Do you feel helpless in such situations?

Some good news has finally arrived.

The California State Assembly is working towards approving medical marijuana use in schools.

Let’s look at how changes in the existing law will help children requiring medical cannabis take mmj medicine on school premises.

Overview of the Existing Law:

In California, the law states that both medical and recreational marijuana use is prohibited within 1,000 feet of all K-12 schools.

In order to consume medical marijuana medicine by students with any chronic condition during school hours, they must:

The Proposed Senate Bill 1127

This bill is introduced and sponsored by state senator Jerry Hill and D-San Mateo.

Proposed guidelines:

#Section 1:

To acknowledge the efforts made by Jojo’s mother, this bill would be passed as Jojo’s Act.

#Section 2:

School authorities maintaining kindergarten or grades 1 to 12 can allow parents or guardians to possess or administer medical marijuana medicine.

However, parents or guardians must adhere to these rules:

Bill Status:

This bill was earlier rejected by the state assembly on last Thursday. However, after a lot of thinking, this bill has been passed by 42-20 in the assembly.

Now, it is waiting for its final approval by Governor Jerry Brown.


Although, California has already allowed cannabis use by minors with respect to having a medical marijuana evaluation by a 420 doctor.

But, its use is strictly banned from schools.

Seven states of America (Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, and Washington) have already approved its use in schools.

Therefore, if the governor will pass this proposed bill, then California will be the eighth state to approve medical marijuana consumption within schools.

Are you in support of this bill?

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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