New York Has Legalised Cannabis: What You Need To Know - March 31, 2021

New Yorkers can now rejoice as New York has become the 15th state in the nation to finally legalize cannabis for recreational useUnder this law, any adult over the age of 21 will be allowed to use and grow marijuana. There is also going to be a new regulated, legal marijuana market that will allow New Yorkers to walk into a dispensary and get their hands on cannabis.  The tax collected will go towards funding education, drug treatment, and prevention, and communities disproportionately hurt by the war on drugs. Also, all criminal records of marijuana offenses that are no longer illegal are slated to be expunged.  This particular law has come together after years and years of back and forth regarding legislation. This law has been stuck in the legislation red tape all thanks to the governor and lawmakers clashing about how the newly collected tax revenues had to be utilized.  Medical Marijuana has been legal in New York since 2014. This new law will also work to expand the states existing medical marijuana program. Provisions include increasing the qualifying conditions and allowing patients to vape and smoke the herb.

What’s In The Bill?

Some of the salient features of the bill are:

  • The legal age of consumption of cannabis is going to be 21
  • The possession limit is capped at 3 ounces of flower and 24g of concentrate
  • Residents of New York will be allowed to grow up to three plants within their house.
  • The cannabis tax rate will be set at 13%, with 9% going to the state and 4% to localities.
  • Office of Cannabis Management will be established to oversee both recreational and medical cannabis. It is going to be headed by a five-member board.
  • Delivery of cannabis will be allowed as well as club-like consumption sites.

It is still going to take about 18 months for cannabis sales to begin. Keep watching this space for any updates that may take place.

Online Medical Card Team

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