How CBD Can Help Control Your Allergies?

Allergies make everyone totally miserable whether it be a runny nose, constant sneezing, or some skin reaction, they can be really brutal. Having said that, allergies are very common, there are high chances that you have some sort of an allergy, be it seasonal, chronic, or just reactive. Worst part? They can actually hamper your day and in this hustle-bustle, nobody has the time to deal with this nuisance for too long and hence, people heavily rely on anti-allergic medications or what we call, antihistamines.

Anti-Allergic Medications: Doing More Harm Than Good?

We are always ready to pop a pill the moment we feel uneasy without realising the consequences of these medications. Haven’t there been times when you have felt really drowned right after consuming the meds? Yes, right? Well, you may not know but it has been proven by scientists that some anti-allergic medicines can actually lead to memory loss, sleep disorders, constant headaches and more! Not only this, these medications may not have the same effects on different people, it has been proven by various experiments by medical experts. The reality is that the same anti-allergic, for one person, may cause sedation, but, be safe for the other.

Anti-Allergic Medications

But, the issue is that nobody would want to deal with these allergies because of the great discomfort they cause so what can be the solution? Well, have you heard of CBD?

CBD –  A Lower-Risk Anti-Allergy Treatment

CBD or cannabidiol is an extremely potent substitute for these medicines. This compound is the non-psychoactive element of cannabis and actually helps in treating ailments with its therapeutic properties which have been proven to mitigate allergies and all the related symptoms, along with.

The best part is you could use consume the tincture as it is, bake CBD cookies or even with tea and a tablespoon of raw honey.

CBD- a lower-risk anti-allergy treatment

Let’s consider some very common allergies and how CBD helps to deal with the same


More than 50 million Americans, alone, are getting affected by allergic disorders due to the persistent exposure to allergens. Not only this, in the United States, allergies have termed to be a 6th chief cause of chronic illness.

Allergens are usually some common substances that are present in the environment but can be highly toxic and lead to allergic inflammation.

This hidden inflammation can sometimes lead to chronic diseases such as dementia, heart diseases, obesity etc. CBD oil has proven to be extremely effective against allergic inflammation as it helps to soothe the body by reacting with the body receptors and helps calm the immune system without inviting the harms that antihistamines do.

Skin Allergies

Be it a bad rash, eczema or acne, skin allergies can really be a big bust and moreover, can make anyone feel conscious or even pull down one’s morale. Treating these allergies can not only prick the pockets but also have severe side effects as most of them are steroids. CBD can help you with this issue as well. Having extremely versatile properties, CBD can also be applied topically in order to help with the skin allergies. It helps reduce the inflammation, itching and pain caused by these very allergies. Moreover, CBD helps highly with acne as it fights the production of sebum that actually causes acne.

Skin allergies

Amazing as it is, this compound also works on animals, various people have claimed that they treated their pets’ ( mostly dogs ) skin allergies with the help of CBD infused ointments and oils.

 Seasonal Allergies

It’s extremely hard to cope up with your daily life when you are sneezing, or in a constant state of severe discomfort, or probably suffering from chronic pain for months, altogether. Hay fever, constant sneezing, blocked nose, and what not. Allergens can be pollens, trees, grasses, things, that you can’t protect yourself from and eventually, everything gets very chaotic.

It also helps to fight allergies such as Asthma that actually blocks airway passage as it helps to relax the inflamed airway passage of the body.

CBD helps greatly with such complications by stimulating the CB1 receptor in our endocannabinoid system that helps control allergies. The health experts say that CBD also helps to clear the nasal passageway, relieves congestion and formation of mucus, basically, lets you breathe easier.

Warning: After all, cannabis is also a pollinating plant which is why there are chances of being allergic to it. If you find any side effects after the consumption of CBD, please refer to a marijuana doctor.

With technology and research reaching an optimum, there have been further improvements and innovations with CBD.

Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil

Nanosciences has given us a lot and have taken nanotechnology to a great height wherein nanotechnology has now been interacting with many sectors, including pharmaceuticals. Nano-enhanced hemp oil is the product of this interaction of nanotechnology and CBD.

The conventional method to make CBD oil is through extracting the same from the parent plant and then is mixed with various oils to form a particular solution with the desired consistency.

With nano enhanced hemp oil, the entire process takes a push forward as in this, the compounds of CBD extracted are coated with microscopic layers of fats as to allow and ameliorate the process of percolation of the CBD hemp oil into the body.

Whereas the conventional hemp oil has molecules of a larger size and hence, it is strenuous for it to be absorbed by the body.

This version is just a better one of our traditional CBD hemp oil and has proven to be even more effective to treat allergic reactions.

We hope to keep educating you about the potential benefits that you can accrue out of CBD, keep on following us to gain more information!

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