Cannabis Industry Jobs In California

Hottest Cannabis Industry Jobs In California! - February 22, 2019

“Hey! What’s hot right now?”

“Are you in California?”

“Yes!! Why?”

“Coz if you’re in Cali, no matter what the scene is, there is one thing which is always hot!!


The cannabis industry is in an ever blooming phase. It is widely being regarded as the new ‘Gold Rush’. If you’ve ever navigated the Californian cannabis market, you might have had a slight hunch that the state is a big player in the cannabis industry. The economic impact of Cannabis on the US market in 2017 was $16 billion. This is expected to rise up to $40 billion by 2021!

Legal cannabis sales in CA are projected to generate $2.6 billion in 2019. And the figure is expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2025! That is huge indeed!

Now, if you’re smart enough, you’ll naturally want to pounce on this opportunity to generate some dollars! In fact, it’s not that hard. California has a healthy cannabis culture which is thriving day by day. The leisure tourists spent a whopping $98 million in 2015 on canna-tourist! Do you get the idea?

So, if you’re planning to work, the cannabis industry is the place where you’ll strike gold!

So, let’s get started!

Trendy cannabis jobs to rake in some good kush—I mean cash!


This is a pretty popular one! Do you consider yourself a people person? If yes, then being a budtender is ideally suited for you. All you need is a good knowledge of cannabis. Basic awareness of the difference between indica, sativa and hybrids along with the effect of THC on the human body will probably land you the work.

The best thing about being a budtender is that it is an interactive job and it will keep you in a friendly spirit!


Trimming is one of the entry-level jobs in the cannabis industry. The job of the trimmer is to separate out the bud from a fully harvested cannabis plant. This involves carefully removing the cannabis bud and the excess leaves to increase the visual appeal. The work essentially requires good precision, speed and a judicious approach that minimizes waste. Although some companies tend to use a machine for trimming, user experience says that it’s no match for a hand trimmed bud.

So, if the prospect seems attractive to you, it’s time to get trimming!

Extract Artist

If you’ve ever wondered how are the concentrated forms of cannabis achieved, extract artist is the person to thank for. Extract artists are responsible for processing dried or fresh frozen marijuana and transform it into the concentrated forms. Work is simple but it requires good attention to detail and knowledge of biochemistry. With the rising interest in concentrates, the extract artist is one of the most popular and sought after jobs.

Extract kush, extract cash! Simple!

Cannabis Chef

If you have a knack for cooking or you’ve got that culinary art thing, this one is perfect for you. The cannabis edibles are highly in demand. The fact that cannabis can be infused into the delicious cuisines has a potential of its own. The companies that are in the business of making cannabis food—candies, coffee, tea, chocolates, and other edibles— need skilled chefs to overlook the production of various edibles.

If you think you’ve got it, get cooking!

Cannabis Tester

This professional is responsible for ensuring that the cannabis products are of optimum quality and potency. He further ensures that the products comply with designated health and safety standards. A tester also assists in inspecting marijuana cultivation regulations and laws.

Although it is a good paying job, it may require you to have a PhD in scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, agronomy or entomology.

Sounds tough but it’s definitely worth it!

California is touted to become the legal marijuana capital of the world. The cannabis territory is definitely lucrative and helps you rake in good cash if you decide to be a part of it.

It’s never too late to take a decision. Believe me. You should be a part of the change!

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