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Get Your Valentine’s Rollin’ with These Amazing Cannabis Themed Gifts - February 08, 2019

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Pun Intended!

Valentine’s Day. The brewery of love. Let’s get high with the love in the air. Here comes the day where you get to pamper your partner with gifts. These gifts should be creative, fancy and personal. Believe me, this is very important.

When you with all the love buy your girlfriend a treadmill on valentine because she has gained a little extra weight around 20 pounds, you expect a big hug. You expect to hear how caring you are and how thoughtful the gift was. But I just don’t get it, she just stormed off!

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming and you are planning to surprise your partner with something unique I might just have the right answer for you.

See, there are three things you should know about me:

First: I am writing this article so I can say anything about myself and you have to believe me.

Second: I am great at gifting things but don’t go on my track record.

Third; Sorry, I miscounted there were just two. So just read the second one again.

Does your Valentine smoke?

Does he/she follow Bob Marley?


Stop! Don’t go anywhere near that bouquet store.

Roses are for Dummies!.

Gift your Valentine their favorite flower.

Medical Marijuana is legal in 33 states and you can easily get good quality strains from your nearest dispensaries. There are so many cannabis things you can give to your loved one. Excited Much!

I have this amazing idea for you. These are some gifts you can give to your Valentine or club all of them to make one big hamper. You might have studied in school that a human body is capable of five senses.

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hear, and
  • Taste

Tell your emotions to your loved one through these senses. Give gifts to her that capture each of her senses in the most beautiful way. Love is an emotion that cannot be just told by one sense but it requires all your senses working together to woo all his/her senses. Let those feelings pour.


Just the sight of you makes my heart skip a beat.

There are couple of things you can do here. But first, ask yourself a question. Are you a creative monger?

Yes? Then, you can write small letters for your love to add that personal touch to your evening. Look over the internet, you’ll find various designs to find inspiration. These personalized messages will not only make your loved one happy but show her/him that you did put efforts rather than just buying material things.

No? Then, you can arrange for an intimate evening with a good classic movie that your partner loves paired with a vape to get the best out of the evening. Also, add some led and decorative lights in the house to enjoy a great high.


The hugs, the snuggles, the kisses that is all I need.

For a boyfriend, getting gifts is quite a struggle. What to get your girlfriend so that she doesn’t have to go back to the store and get it replaced. Oh! It is hard.

Cannabis beauty products are your lifesaver. They are the next big thing in the industry. Go online and buy the product that your girlfriend uses. Surprise her with something she never expected. The products provide various uses like moisturizing, anti-aging, heals irritation etc.


I love the fragrance of you on me.

The power of a good fragrance is often underestimated. A good aroma can turn up your mood like nothing else. Light up cannabis candles in your home to get the aroma and the vibe going. This won’t just make her olefins go crazy but that romantic sight of candles will surely give you a wonderful evening.

Power up the romance on Valentine’s day with cannabis gift candles for your partner’s house. Tell her how much her/his scent gets your neurons to go crazy in your brain.


The sound of your voice makes me live a little more

Valentine’s Day is all so special. Yes, making a mix-tape for your loved one is a cliche but it is always a great gift. If you and your partner have been together for long a mix-tape is a great gift. If your partner loves cannabis, this just got easier.

Gather Miles Davis and Bob Marley’s classic songs and make a mix-tape and surprise your valentine. The songs are psychedelic, aggressive and those beautiful tune is a perfect recipe for a great high.


There is nothing more delicious than your smile

Get cannabis edibles. Oh, you have a wide range of products you can choose from. Chocolates, candies, brownies, you name it and you will get it. Get your taste buds high with CBD edible products. Also, you can find those romantically packed cannabis edibles that will just add that cute touch to your gift.

As we already know visual appeal also matters a lot. Make sure your gifts are packed beautifully. Get your partner a great Instagram picture. Combine these to make a big beautiful gift for your loved one. Love is a feeling that is difficult to express and more difficult to hide.

Pack your parachute and other paraphernalia and get ready to jump into the high of the drug called love. Celebrate this Valentine with cannabis and your Valentine.

Let the smoke fly higher with your love and desire.

Online Medical Card Team

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