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Cultivating Cannabis: A Guide into Indoor and Outdoor Growing Practices - January 31, 2018

Who doesn’t love the freedom of growing their own Cannabis, but this comes with great responsibility and lots of hard work. It is of vital importance that you get to know the plant that you will be growing its needs and what resources you will require to fulfill them.

It is not easy for the first time grower to get it right the first time around which is why you should give these tips and tricks for indoor and outdoor practices ago.

What do you need to know about Indoor Cultivation?

Indoor cultivation has recently gained traction due to the need for people to preserve their privacy towards growing and consuming Cannabis. Growing your plants indoors can prove to be more expensive and time-consuming.
Cannabis like most plants requires sunlight and a warm temperature to grow. This is the reason that many prefer to grow their plants inside, as they can control the environment in which their products will develop.
This can be simply achieved by purchasing full spectrum LED grow lights. These lights are not very expensive and help you provide the ideal light exposure during the germinating and flowering phases of the plant development, without the interference of the natural elements.

You can enhance the indoor growing practice by

  • Using feminized strains, which are more efficient and easy to identify when matured.
  • Growing fast-finishing strains will help you harvest your Cannabis by 8 weeks, compared to the traditional 12 – 14 weeks.
  • Adopting training techniques to ensure that the plants absorb the light to the best of their ability.

How can you benefit from Outdoor Cultivation?

Humankind has been growing cannabis under the sun since forever. This tried and tested practice is easy, natural, and inexpensive.

Nature provides soil that is rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which are integral to the growth of healthy Cannabis plants. If the soil is not up to mark or its nutrients have been depleted, all it takes is the addition of compost and your soil is ready to be used for cultivation again.

Other ways to improve your outdoor growing experience are by

  • Try drip irrigation or watering by hand.
  • Water your plants at night to conserve water and ensure that a lot of evaporation does not take place.
  • Planting the cannabis in proximity to each other which helps provide shade to the soil and ensures higher yields.

That’s really all that’s to it!

Make sure you choose your cultivation practices wisely and do keep an eye on your plants, monitor them and of course love them. A little care and affection goes a long way when growing your own cannabis plants and will help you boost your yield exponentially.

So what are you waiting for, you’re all set to go, with these tips and tricks you’re  cultivation future is in good hands!

Online Medical Card Team

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