Is Recreational And Medical Cannabis Essentially Same?

No two strains can be the same. Let’s take an example of OG Kush and Bubble Kush. Both belong to the same family but produce different effects. The former has relaxing and calming effects while the latter one can get you really high. It totally depends on the type of effects you are looking for. If you are into marijuana for fun or recreation, cannabis strains with high THC effects will be your preference. However, if you are looking for medical effects, choosing strains with potentially higher therapeutic value will work in your favor. So, opt for options that will help to achieve the desired effects. 

Although recreational cannabis involves only a limited variety of cannabis products. You won’t be able to access highly potent strains without a medical marijuana card. The laws and regulations regarding medical and recreational cannabis are different. So, in that sense they are different. If you have a medical condition and require cannabis treatment, getting a medical marijuana recommendation is essential especially if you have a condition that requires potent cannabis strains.